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goinloco Posts: 774
apologies if its already been done! just wondering how many of you yummy mummies to be have had the jab? thanks
t2be2012 Posts: 718
im undecided about whether to get it or not so havent voted!!!!
goinloco Posts: 774
sorry to the people who had voted, when i added another option they disappeared :eek
pigeonwife Posts: 3789
I got it last November when I was around 26 weeks (I think). This time I probably won't as will be heading into spring by the time I am into the second trimester. Mind you if it hasn't died down by that time I may consider it.
carlie2012 Posts: 127
Dont intend on getting it, DH dosent want me to get it done either. personally heard a lot of stories that have put me off having it and i feel that as it is a new strain they dont really know what effect it can have as yet..
Daff Posts: 11644
I got it last year at 26 weeks. I'll get it again this year after 14 weeks if it's still needed. DD is getting it in the morning.
rouged Posts: 121
I know it's everyone's own decision but really for me I feel that the benefits outweigh the risks for the following reasons: 1. They have been giving flu jabs for years, swine flu is just a specific strain of flu and I don't see that it will have any different specific long-term effects. 2. The jab that they give you is a dead strain of the virus so it doesn't actually give you the flu. I had no side effects. 3. In past pandemics, there were higher rates of stillbirth, spontaneous abortion, and premature delivery among pregnant women who had the flu. Flu comes with fever, which can result in brain damage to the fetus. () 4. The jab last year contained mercury (thiomersal) which some people linked to autism, this is contraversial. However, due to the attention this got, there is no mercury in this year's swine flu jab () 5. Even if you never normally get the flu, your immune system is down because you are pregnant to stop your body rejecting the baby's father's foreign DNA so you are more likely to contract it. 6. Some of the statistics are frightening on death/hospitalisation rates of pregnant women who get swine flu. Pregnant women are 4 times more likely to be hospitalised or have serious complications who get swine flu (). In 2009, in the US, 5% of pregnant women who got swine flu died, 22% were hospitalised () 7. Even though swine flu was the big talk of last year and it's not at pandemic levels here, it is still prevalent and making up 90% of confirmed flu cases () My husband, sister, aunt, cousin all ended up with flu after Christmas in my family's house. With the exception of my aunt, these are all young people who wouldn't normally get the flu and who were really knocked out by it for up to a week. If I hadn't gotten the jab, I probably would have gotten it a lot worse. Anyway, I'm not a doctor, I just did the research and weighed up for myself the risks and benefits as outlined above.
ttc_bfp_opk_wtf Posts: 682
great, intelligent post rouged. Daily mail will be upset that you're offering reasonable opinion rather than hysteria but thanks :-)
lush11 Posts: 2877
I clicked on 'not sure' cos i havent 100% made up my mind although I doubt very much i will get it. We're heading for spring now and i've had a really bad cold for the last 2 weeks so think im over the worst and doubt i will get sick again so might just chance my arm. Im 15 weeks pregnant. There are way too many bad stories about it. I know in the medical profession there is prob a divide as to whether to get it or not but the because there are so many medical professions advising against it i think thats a bad sign and prob not enough research into it. # Dont think its worth the risk and im perfectly healthy.
Bigleap Posts: 696
Rouged, well put. After a discussion with my GP it was clear that the benefits far out weighed an risks (and those risk dont seem to be that well substantiated in my opinion). I got the jab a few weeks ago. Since then a friend got the flu at 10 weeks pregnant. It looks like everything will be ok but she had a terribly frightening week and was very very ill with it. She says that as soon as she is better she will be getting the jab asap, were as before she was avoiding getting it as she wasnt 100% sure.