Swine flu risk - should I tell principal I'm pregnant?

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trainer Posts: 8
I'm a teacher and wondering should I tell my principal that I'm pregnant? nearly 7 weeks gone haven't told anyone yet but one of the teachers was taking about his wife today who's pregnant and got swine flu vaccine and was told by her consultant to stay at home for 2 weeks until vaccine kicks in. I already got swine flu vaccine before i knew i was pregnant but was wondering should i tell her in case there is a case of swine flu in the school and I might need to be told straight away. or am I over reacting?My doc doesn't want to give me the second vaccine until aft 14 weeks.
Daff Posts: 11644
Depending on which one you got you mightn't need second dose - the pandemix (sp) one you only need one shot - it'd be the one your GP would give you. I'd say it, and tell her it's in total confidence. Even though I have had the vaccine, they still aren't sure what level of immunity it gives you, or if we definately don't need second shot - so i asked work to tell me if anyone got it - saying that girl who sits right in front of me, facing me, in work was off with it the last week and noone told me! O:|
minnie08 Posts: 580
I'd say tell as well, but like daffodil bride said, tell him/her to keep it confidential. If there is a child in the school with swine flu it'd be best if you knew straight away.