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survivor Posts: 2507
I was just watching the TV3 news and it seems to be getting very serious. Now they're saying that minority groups and pregnant women more at risk than everyone else. I'm getting worried. It was so hard to get pregnant in the first place I dont want this hanging over me. It just seems so unfair. Is anyone else worried?
Elegance Posts: 2848
it concerns me too. i have to go to uk quite often with work, so i've taken the decision not to do that for the foreseeable future. i'm supposed to be there tomorrow but have made and excuse. once i get to 12 weeks, i can be more honest about my reasons when i've told all that i'm pg. the girl i was supposed to meet tomorrow for my meeting, was out sick two weeks ago with guess what - swine flu. so its far too close for comfort for me. like you survivor, i feel like i've been on a long long journey to get to this point and i'll not risk anything ..... i think all we can do is avoid anyone that has flu like symptoms and make sure and use antibacterial hand gel... i've gotten a small one for my purse.
survivor Posts: 2507
Good idea on the anti bac gel Elegance. I'm going to get some tomorrow.
Vogue Posts: 426
I'm really worried about it too...today a client arrived in for treatments with a rotten cold. I was almost going to reach for a mask! :-8
raspberry ripple Posts: 1809
I'm putting off going to the UK at the moment with work too. I got the small handbag sized antibacterial hand gel in Tesco for 89c each. It was on the top shelf in the section with all hand washes. HTH *)
milis Posts: 7998
Handgels and masks will only protect other people from your germs, unfortunately, if other people are not careful with their personal hygiene, you are still at risk. That's the bit that worries me. My mam had a bad cough and cold last week, and didn't see it as a reason to stay away from me for a few days, so what hope do we have with strangers? ;o(
vanilla icecream Posts: 2125
oh girls, I am so worried too. It is just getting too close now for comfort. Can I ask how we can stay safe ( prob stupid question) but is it just avoiding people who have colds or avoid people with sore throat too? I am waiting for someone in work to get it, if I even get a hint that someone in my job is sick with it, I am going straight home.
milis Posts: 7998
There were a few posts here recently with the NHS and Australian government guidelines on them Vanilla. Colds and the flu are very different from each other. There's no need to avoid someone with a cold. The NHS were recommending that pregnant women stay out of the underground during peak times, and the Australian government recommended taking maternity leave early for people working with the public, amongst other things.
babs76 Posts: 1000
I'm really worried about it too - i had a sore throat and cold last week so i went straight to the doc, it wasnt anything to worry about but we got to talking and he was saying that things are going to get a lot worse over the autumn and the winter and that it's only the tip of the iceberg now - not exactly what i wanted to hear but i suppose he was only being honest. we just have to be vigilent and use the antibacterial handwashes and they say to wash your hands regularly but what stresses me out is if im walking down the street or in work and someone sneezes in my direction - it's totally out of my hands!
tilsun Posts: 4506
It is worrying but I do try to remind myself that they are saying most people will get through it just fine. For myself, I have decided not to fly this summer. I think planes are a hotbed of germs and always catch at least a cold after a short flight. I'm trying to build up my own immune system with food containing vitamin C and lots of garlic (need to check if thats a myth :o0 ) Washing hands often will help, as well as trying to avoid putting hand to mouth etc unless you're sure it's been washed. Risk of some-one sneezing into my face is slim but I am a divil for eating a bag of crisps or something when out and about thus transferring the germs into system.