Swine flu vaccine recently? Please advise

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Hopefully2010 Posts: 11
Hi there ladies, Wondering if you could please let me know what you all are doing (or not) about the swine flu vaccine? I'm 8 wks now and when I got my BFP at 5 wks, the GP (whom I generally trust ..) said not to bother with the swine flu vaccine, that it was on the way out and not at all as serious as before .. really not to sure what to do! Hadn't seen many posts at all lately about it so I'm thinking that maybe it's not considered a priority any more to get it and most of you aren't - any thoughts or your own experience appreciated! Thanks, :wv Hopefully
papillon Posts: 1305
Well since you can't get it before 14 weeks I'm not sure they'll have the vaccine you need (celvepan) by the time you are 14 weeks. Most of the clinics are finishing at the end of this month and they are the ones that are stocked with the celvepan. I got it and will be going back for my second in a couple of weeks. My midwife recommended I do. She said it wasn't all that different to the flu vaccine which they have been giving routinely to pregnant women in the States for donkeys years and was perfectly safe. That said, I wouldn't worry too much since you will be out of the flu season when you hit 14 weeks..
Ivy F Posts: 2023
Definitely wait until you're 14 weeks & then review the situation with your OB before you go ahead. I had mine before Christmas, & am glad that I did, as a few of my colleagues had the virus, but it may no longer be necessary by the time that you reach 14 weeks.
serenity Posts: 3675
As the other posters said you have to wait until after 14 weeks or so anyway... You also have to remember, that the numbers are DOWN because people are vaccined against it now so it's not as rampant or spreading as much... not just because of the seasons etc... It's your own choice and I respect both sides. I decided to get it as I was travelling to New York and other places and felt it was safer - I was nervous I would pick it up on the plane or whatever... I am glad I got it as it does pass immunity to baby (so my cons said)... but it is very much a personal decision... Good luck and congrats xx
garran9 Posts: 4401
Hiya, I also debated with myelf for weeks about it. Had another appointment with GP last week and she advised me to get it. I was happy that I got an answer IYKWIM I have an appointment booked for next Monday. As some other poster said, the Celvapan vaccine is finishing up the end of this month and it is the one they would advise for pregnancy. Good luck with your decision as I know it is so difficult to make. :wv
Piggle Posts: 1770
I keep putting it out of my head, but reading this again I think I will go for it, its just too serious not to I suppose. Its such a hard decision to make isnt it :(
raspberry ripple Posts: 1809
I struggled with what to do about this when I was pregnant and decided in the end not to get it unless swine flu got really really bad. I just didn't want to take the risk while the baby was developing so much. My doctor did recommend it when we discussed it, but wasn't able to put my mind at rest that there was no risk to my baby. I work in a small enough office so don't have exposure to loads of people who might have had the virus and I also don't have exposure to many children of school age. I wasn't travelling on planes at the time either - doctor had identified this as a high risk area due to air conditioning on planes recycling air. These were all factors in my decision. I think you have to consider all the aspects for your own situation and decide accordingly.
romobo Posts: 840
I got the vaccine at 11 weeks as it was recommended to me at my booking appointment since I had caught some sort of flu like virus the week before. Im glad I got it because I [b:1rb50eao]NEVER[/b:1rb50eao] get sick and would never have worried about swine flu at all before getting pregnant - I just didnt realise how much your immunity drops during pregnancy and it scared me how sick I got.