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daisy2012 Posts: 619
Hey ladies, looking for some advice form those of you doing the domino scheme! I really wanted to do the domino scheme, but couldn't get onto it at the start of my pregnancy - I'm 21 weeks now, and got a call that they had a cancellation and offered me a spot. Should I take it? I'm a bit anxious if I decide I need the epidural as I've no idea what to expect - it's my first baby! People have told me that if you want pain relief on the day, they will just switch over to the hospital midwives. Is this true? I love the idea of seeing the midwives in my local health centre, a midwife coming to check on me at home when I go into labour, and being able to go home 6 hours after birth all going well, as well as the fab post natal care and breastfeeding support. Would I be mad to turn it down based on the chance I might want an epidural? I am realy open to trying to have a natural birth but at the same time If I'm at it for 2 days, I'm gonna be knackered!!!!!! Any experiences would be much appreciated!!!!! Thanks girls
Cats1 Posts: 215
Hi daisy2012, I'm on the Domino scheme and am finding it brilliant, it's very personable and they are very positive in all aspects of pregnancy and birth. I'm 31 weeks and went to our antenatal appointments last week, they are very pro a natural birth but are not anti epidural so much, they understand that it's necessary in some cases, there was no mention of swopping into hospital care if an epidural was deemed necessary. Maybe call the Domino midwifes and ask to speak to one and raise your concerns. Another thing I would say would be listen to the gentlebirth cds (gentlebirth.ie), I'm finding this really useful too! Hope that helps!
daisy2012 Posts: 619
Thanks a mil Cats1! I've only heard positive things, as everyone who does it seems to love it. I was at my GP last night, and she moreorless said the same thing as you - that if intervention is necessary, I will get it, but it will be lovely to have a familiar face delivering my baby and all the support after. I think I'll give it a go!!!