swollen ankles Pls help!!!

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Chukles Posts: 672
Hi Girls My ankles and feet have been swelling for a while now easily the last two months if not a little longer My socks manage to squeese the hell out of my ankles and leaves a huge indent in my ankle plus my shins are quite tender to touch I was with consultant yesterday and my bp and urine were perfect and i forgot to mention about my ankles as i was so carried away with other things like being indurced on Monday!!!! I did show them to him when they were not so bad about 2 months ago and he said not to worry b4 they would be concerned about swollen ankles but now they see it as just another part of most pregnancys My doc told me to get support tights which i did but where i got them they did not measure me for them or show me how to put them on and i cant manage to get them on at all - which prob sounds silly to anyone who has not tried to get these kind of tights on!!! but believe me no easy task! I have not worn them as i cant get them on so i might try again! I also have varicose veins - always had My question is the fact that bp and urine are fine and i got a clean bill of health yesterday should i not be concerned - i only have 4 more days b4 having baby anyway so am carrying a large package around with me at the mo! and is it normal for them to be soooo tender? Thanks girls
doolittle Posts: 910
I could have written this post myself O:| Its horrible, my feet are all swollen, both on the tops of the feet and my ankles look like shrek feet and my legs are swollen too. I went to reflexology and although the swelling went down that eve, they were puffed up the next morning again O:| She did say to soak them in a bath of epson salts but I havent tried that yet. Ive cut out salt and tried to drink loads of water but its not making a diff. Once you urine has no protein and your BP is ok you dont need to worry. I was told if my face suddenly swelled or started getting dizzy, or headaches to go straight to hospital. You re so lucky to be so close to your due date, Ive another 3 weeks to go :hic
Chukles Posts: 672
3 weeks wont be long passing doolittle - you will see I was only thinking this morn that this is the last weekend just the two of us!!! how strange is that! I suppose in the mean time the swollen ankles and feet will just have to be suffered........ Thanks for the reply !
Pinkly Posts: 1414
I had this also and consultant told me as long as BP & Urine were fine then not to worry. All part of late pregnancy I'm afraid ~ try and keep them elevated as much as you can, feet up and plenty of rest. Sorry to tell you this but mine got 10 times worse when I had my baby, took them about 2-3weeks to go down. Midwive's gave me the flight socks at night in the hospital but they didnt really do much. My heart goes out to you, it's horrible! Good luck with the induction, :o)ll hopefully you'll go before then. I went into labour te day before I was to be induced!