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jennos Posts: 105
Hi Just a little advice needed. I have had 2 miscarriages before and now on my third pregnancy I have just entered week 8. For the four weeks I have been so sick. Really really naucous every day and then Sat gone I had no sickness whatsoever. I began to worry. Sunday it came back a little but Im just worried that week 7 is a bit early for the sickness to be calming down. Boobs are still a little sore but has anyone experienced this also? Jenny
lucyliu Posts: 81
Hi Jennos My ms kept coming and going as well in the early weeks - I would be fine for a week and think I was back to normal (i.e. ms gone) and then it would return again for a few days. Then around week 11 it went away completely and I didn't feel pregnant at all I am week 22 now. hope that helps Lucy *)
Delphinium Posts: 3027
I'm on my first pregnancy and at 7 weeks today. I was getting nausea from around week 4 and I was pretty bad with it over the past week..... as in going for the crackers on a regular basis at work to try and stave it off and not give myself away! It was pretty much gone over the weekend, but it is back again this week and boobs have gotten sore now. I know about it when I turn over in bed! Symptoms do seem to come and go. All you can do is take one day at a time, hon. Hope you're OK today.
jennos Posts: 105
thanks so much for your replies. that makes me feel a good bit better. I have scan next thurs so please god everything will be good