Symptoms week 5? Please

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winterbridegal Posts: 406
Hi Girls. Posted on the graduate bfp train too.Im afraid to come off the TCC train. I am on week 5 now as of yesterday. Planning on going to the Doc next week however i have no symptoms whatsoever. I had sore boobs earlier in the week but nothing yesterday or today. I did another CB test yesterday and it said 2-3 weeks but it was like that last sunday too. Should it not move on at this stage 3+. Im getting worried now and i dont want to go to the doctor until it has progressed abit. Girls can you tell me what are your symptoms around week 5?
Telix Posts: 125
Maybe you were 2weeks last week & now only 3? I used the cheap tests from tesco - if there's a line there's a line, maybe try one of these/ different brand to put your mind at ease. You may not have any symptoms! I know I was dreaming weird at the beginning!
ournextbigadventure Posts: 144
Hi winterbridegal I'm 5 weeks tomorrow and I've no real symptoms either. Bit more tired than usual and a few cramps at times. Boob tenderness is not too bad either. Anyway I went to doc on Monday and got my letter from hospital today and my first appointment is not until July 30th! So so long away. So I'd get in to your gp ASAP as there is obviously a huge backlog on appointments
winterbridegal Posts: 406
Thanks for the reply. Im going to wait and see. Im going to go private for my first one and i know they provide scans before public as i have a friend that works as midwife in hospital and she told me to do that. I will find the money from somewhere im sure. If i were you i would def have a scan before July. just to put your mind at ease at least. Keep me posted on how you are doing. Your near my dates so i keep an eye on you:)
Dub M Posts: 269
I wouldn't panic winterbride I'm 5wks with numb 2 and no symptoms either bit tired slightly sore boobs but nothing I'd really notice
lollisue Posts: 507
I'm 23 weeks and had absolutely no symptoms at 5 weeks. Never got sore boobs or nausea.
ciaraella Posts: 5323
I had no symptoms til week 10 on either pregnancy aside from a bit of tiredness. Every pregnancy is different :)
angie27 Posts: 194
I wouldnt worry i too had zero symptoms at 5 weeks& kept I definitely pregnant!! Thought at least I should have tender boobs but genuinely they were'nt. Around week 9/10 I suffered some nausea mostly in the evening & it went on until week 13. It wasnt pleasent but I suppose its luckier than most. Best of luck x
dreamscometrue2014 Posts: 160
I'm 5 weeks 6 days and the only smyptoms I have are tiredness, mad sense of smell, lower back pain...hormonal...boobs are tender sometimes but I think I'm imaging it!! Glad to hear some didn't have any for ages puts my mind at ease now!!!
BeakBeak Posts: 119
It's good to read that people don't have a lot of symptoms as I was thinking the same. All I have is AF like cramps and a headache on n off last few days.