Synphis pubis/ pain in pubic bone

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Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
I had this on my 1st pregnancy and again this time I have it since 9 weeks.. I can barely walk today and thats with wearing a support belt... Whats it going to be like when the baby gets heavier! Do any of you suffer from this? Im only 11 wks now..
SandyClaws Posts: 3108
DQ I've had it since about 12-13 weeks (I'm 30 now) and I'm on crutches since about 16 weeks. It's horrendous and there is no relief really. I was admitted to hospital 2 weeks ago with the pain and they gave me pethidine and phenegran, It was bliss. Then the mean doctor said he wouldn't give it to me anymore... I'm going to have a section, both my choice and the doctors. I was worried about needing an emergency section and going under general anaesthetic and he was worried in case I needed a forceps/ventouse delivery... Are u getting physio?
Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
No im not getting anything yet I just said it to the doc last week, I have 2 prolapsed discs in my back as well so im sure thats not helping either. I can barely walk today I don't remember it being this horrendous last time!!
SandyClaws Posts: 3108
I'd get Physio, even just to get the crutches. It's so frustrating and I feel like whacking them off a wall most of the time but Id be seriously Fucked without them... It started in my lower back and in the last month or so has gone to the front aswell.. It actually feels like someones stamped on my privates. I got a tailbone cushion aswell, it's like a swimming ring for want of a better word and if I've to sit I sit on that... Looked well bringing it to the hairdresser one day but needed it :o(
Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
Thanks for the replies Sandy Claws! Yes I feel like someone kicked me in the bits with a hobnail boot, what a great description you have for it lol.. I think im going to have to get some help for it, even the thoughts of putting one leg in the bath and climbing in sounds horrific, we don't have a walk in shower so think im gonna have to beg either my brother or sister for the use of theirs! :-8 God love you sounds like you are having a horrible time :(
Snuddlums Posts: 1644
Was with physio today and she was more than useless,just gave me a pregnancy belt and told me that pain is pregnancy related and not much I can do but if pain gets worse go out sick from work.great solution.My pain is worse at night when turning over in the bed,its like my back is going spilt and then in the morning have pain in hips and thighs.I do a lot of manual handling in work so robably not helping :weep
ulimonster Posts: 29
hi girls, first sandyclaws i am happy yu went to the emergency room that day, those few night with pethidine makes a wonderful change don't they? I am just out from another 48 hour stay and has reached a stage where the pain kept me awake despite the meds, it really sucks. ine has moved from feeling like someone is stamping on my privates o feeling like someone is constantly and repeatedly stabbing/ carving into them ad where i am basically bedbound. not fun at least i am amost 36weeks now and will get a date for an 'early' section on thursday. they like to call it early but i am hoping for week 38, mostly spd relaed sections are done week 39. I repeat what i hve said elsewhere, most health professionals are clueless about spd and couldn't care less unfortunately the fact that there are no real treatment options doesnt help us. hang in there girls, we will get through it ;o)
Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
Oh ulimonster you poor poor woman, that sounds horrific, I'm finding walking is the worst but turning over in the bed is horrendous too, this is at 11 wks so I can't even imagine this pain at 36 wks.. :action34
BusyMom Posts: 717
Hi girls, my heart goes out to all of you - I had SPD although I wasn't as bad as ye are, god love ye! One thing that I found essential in bed was a body pillow - I'd lie on my side with the pillow infront of my chest, then going under the side of my bump and finally between my legs! I used to bring it with me when we went to the in-laws and all, I must have looked like such a diva (& I'm not diva-ish at all!) Another thing I was recommended was to sit on a plastic bag in the car (either driving or as a passenger) so that when I had to get out, I could just swivel around, the bag would slide/rotate on the seat and with no pain, I'd be facing out the door. Finally, another recommendation I got since (which makes alot of sense!) is to wear shoes with good arch support. It may sound strange but if your arches are on the floor because you're wearing flip flops or whatever, your legs will be at a strange angle and putting extra strain on your pelvis/hips. Snuddlums - did you go to a normal physio or the one in your maternity hospital? The ones in the hospital should be sympathetic and should be able to give you alot more hints that a normal physio...
SandyClaws Posts: 3108
Oh ulimonster the night with pethidine was bliss. I could still feel the pain but it went from sheer agony to tolerable... And I was drowsy aswell!!! Got great sleep... Then the doctor came around the next day and said no more pain relief bar paracetamol >:o( I could have smacked him... So dr said that I'll have a section @ 39 weeks, but can go earlier if I'm in too much pain and they'll give steroids for baby's lungs. Steroids won't do any harm to baby long term will they?? Cos my sisters wedding is 6 days before I'm due, so an ideal section date would be a week and a day before her wedding, I'll be bang on 38 weeks, and it would mean I'd be more comfortable (hopefully) for her big day