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jill80 Posts: 565
Hi Ladies, Did any of ye have a "Transvaginal" scan whilst pregnant? I got a few urinary tract infections at start of pregnancy and another one in April. Consultant said I have get T.V scan but I've had to wait almost nine weeks to get the appointment. Anyhow I'm due to have it tomorrow when I'll be over 32 weeks pregnant and they ask you to drink a [u:1itl8axv][b:1itl8axv]litre[/b:1itl8axv][/u:1itl8axv] of water 40 minutes before the exam. I will literally not be able to walk without weeing. Is it an internal exam? I would usually have no problem with that but just at this stage, filling the bladder and then internal exam I know I would not last. Plus (and I told the consultant this) I have previously seen a urologist who said I am just prone to u.t.i infections due to small size of tube between my urethra and bladder. I had all the tests (internal/external - cant remember names of them though) and nothing else showed up Part me is thinking not bothering turning up. Anyone had one done at this stage? If so did you have to drink the full litre? Thanks
happymumof2 Posts: 288
Hi Jill Now I could be wrong about this but I think that they ask you to have a full bladder because they might do a pelvic ultrasound first and then they will ask you to empty your bladder to have the TV scan done, and as far as I know the TV scan is just like the internal ultrasound you get done during pregnancy, if you haven't had this done before it is grand you don't feel too much discomfort at all. I had it done during pregnancy and I nearly cried when she mentioned it but it really was fine. I would just drink enough so that you have a full bladder. :wv
jill80 Posts: 565
Thanks Lucy I'll just drink what I need so to fill the bladder. Do you know if they cover the probe to ensure no infection? I know that prob sounds mad, but they do in America.
happymumof2 Posts: 288
Hi Jill Yes they do cover the probe its actually like a condom I think, I closed my eyes just at that stage :o0 I hope all my information is right and best of luck tomorrow :wv
Mrs C at last Posts: 1672
Yes, they use a condom, so I doubt it would be easy to get infections from it. You need an empty bladder for a TV scan. I have had loads done, and I have to say, I much prefer them to the pelvic scan, as the picture is 100 times clearer. They are just a little uncomfertable, but once you see that perfect pic of your babs, you will forget all about it. Good Luck.