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sasbarella80 Posts: 87
I know this has been done loads of times, but when reading another thread I got an idea to name my tables after famous Irish and Scottish people (got a bit of a scotsIrish theme!) and thought of a few really good (and funny ones) but got a bit stuck! Haven't said it to H2B yet so he might have a few more, but any idea's?? Here's what I have so far. Fr. Ted Rab C Nesbitt Arthur Guinness (FFIL is big guinness fan!) Ernest Shackleton Taggart?! Want to keep away from anything too poloitical or serious!
sasbarella80 Posts: 87
What about Shrek too?!
seans missus Posts: 1381
Heres a few famous Scottish People myself and H2B thought of: Lulu Sean Connery Billy Connelly Robbie Coltrane Alan Cumming John Hannah Ashley Jensen - In Ugly Betty Ewan Mc Gregor Dougray Scott- Was Ian in Desperate Housewives David Tenant- Ex Doctor Who Rod Stewart Sir Matt Busby- Ex Man Utd Andy Murray-Tennis Player Ally Mc Coist-Ex Footballer David Coulthard-F1 driver Kenny Dlaglish-ex footballer and ex liverpool manager Sir Alex Ferguson-Man Utd Manager Dennis Law-Ex Man Utd Lorraine Kelly-Presenter Ronnie Ancona-Comedian Gail Porter Edith Bowman-Radio Presenter Karol Smillie Gordon Ramsay-Scots born Robert Burns-Famous Scots Poet John Logie Baird-Inventor of TV Alexander Graham Bell-Inventor of Telephone Sir Alexander Fleming-Penicillin John Shepherd-Barron- Inventor of ATM machine