Table numbers & place names

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PeaPod Posts: 583
Hi, Does anyone know where you can order table numbers and placenames from? Something like (they dont do them) :thnk
Sprocket Posts: 1671
We ordered ours from here They were expensive enough, but they matched our wedding invitations. They were £65 for 10 table name cards, but beautifully printed. HTH :thnk
carafara Posts: 78
hiya! im thinkin of doin the same thing! the hotel (or reception venue) not print them out as they would table numbers?? [url=] [img:4xgxfz32];10766;116/st/20110708/e/Our+Wedding/dt/5/k/56a7/event.png[/img:4xgxfz32] [/url]
PeaPod Posts: 583
Hey carafara, Yeah pretty sure the hotel do them as part of the package. They're doing the menu's on the table aswel. I was just thinking I would love some nice ones that fit in with our theme. If I could get them cheap enough I'd have them in our wedding colours :) Thanks Mrs P, will have a look! Think they're prob a bit on the expensive side for us. Might wait til closer to the wedding and see what the budgets like!