Table Plan question

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mooky Posts: 1501
Hi I'm doing up our table plan (not assigning seats - just what table people are at). On my H2Bs side most of the couples are married but I'm unsure if the girls still use their maiden names or have taken their hubbies names (and my H2B hasnt got a clue). It shouldnt cause offence if I list them with their married names on the table plan should it?
Dora the explorer Posts: 1570
not at all and if it does feck them, I am not changing my name but would not be offended if someone refers to me as such.
birdie Posts: 954
I wouldn't think so noli, sure you'd be demented if you had to check them all, My h2b's cousin put me down on their table plan last year with his name and I wasn't in the least bit offended!!
phananta Posts: 330
I've been put down on table plans with H2B's surname and we're not even married yet! No-one shoud be offended, if people decide to keep their name when they get married, they should be willing to expect that innocent mistakes can be made.