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Oh my god only 6 days left and i think i am going mad with the bloody table plan, it doesn't help that my mother wants her input or should i say her way. Should i mix the tables by putting my family with his family or leave people who know together. At this stage we will be playing musical chairs on Sunday........ now wouldn't that be interesting..
frankiebabe06 Posts: 518
in my opinion Id rater sit with people I know, but I would be bothered if I was mixed with others either! Im not having a plan! far too much hassle, plus it makes the guests leave the bar quicker when they are called (to rush to get a seat together!!) and hence punctual meal and speeches etc! Good luck with it, u musst be sooo excited 6days! aaaah :o)ll
Gonetopasturesgreener Posts: 3556
H2b is doing ours. God knows what it'll be like but I have put in a few requests. One less job for me - I just couldn't take it, and my mother saying 'oh no! you can't put x beside y...'!!!!
frankiebabe06 Posts: 518
sry thats meant to say i "wouldnt" be bothered if iwas put beside others!
yummymumm Posts: 824
once you get through one thing horrible task, everyone seems to be going on about another...really dreading it now!