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gopro Posts: 1801
def think its for the best to do one. yea it takes a bit of time but wat I did was got my man to sort relations on my side n his man their side n I sorted friends I was at a weddin where there was no plan and they had the immediate family tables- well the interruption of immediate family was hilarious the brides granny headed up way down. we also ended up wit 11 instead Iof 10 cos DH cousin wud of bn on her own
AwkwardAnnie Posts: 2191
Table plans aren't really done where I am from. In the 20+ weddings I've attended only 2 had a table plan - 1 of these couples was english and no one paid any heed to the plan - they sat with who they wanted anyway!! I'm still undecided on whether to do it or not. I can imagine that a lot of people wouldn't be too happy with us telling them where they can sit and with whom...
LittleLily Posts: 3682
I think you really need one. It may be more stressful in the beginning but worth it to avoid the mad scramble and the one auntie who is in the toilet when the bell was rung getting stuck at the table with your 20 something friends. I don't think its necessary to tell people what seat to sit at just what table to sit at, is enough to ensure no one gets left out.
spaced2012 Posts: 275
defo need table plan. ive been to very few without but they are memorable because of this. scrambling for seats and sitting with people you have no interest in talking to! at h2b's cousins wedding recently and I was trying to 'hold' a table with his siblings until one of his bro's let a few lads sit down which left their folks with no seat at the table :duh: and was kinda awkward... his parents ended up on a table with college friends of the bride (groom was cousin). its just all very disjointed and you'd nearly want to have a surplus of seats around!
mrsclaus Posts: 274
I think table plans are great for mixing it up and thats what I intend to do. People who dont know each other are going to be sitting together and we are going to be doing something as an ice breaker at the table I think. hopefully it will work well for when the music starts for everyone to get out there and mix well on the dance floor
frankenbride Posts: 419
IMO you need a table plan. We kind of started doing it from the very beginning as in on an excel sheet we were doing up our invite list but doing them in groups as in OH football friends, work friends etc we did them in groups of roughly 10 so when it came to doing table plan we had the core of it done and only the last minute changes had to be done - still head a bit head wrecking (if you have bothered to do a table plan on the day make sure their match up with yours and the actual tables are in the correct order, one of our rows was mixed up so groups supposed to be sitting together were room width apart :duh: ) We did the whole X sitting at Y table but then left the actual seats unassigned, there was no way I was telling people exactly where to sit that would have fried my brain :action34 My sister went to a wedding with no plan and she said it was chaotic and only one spot left at the table they wanted to sit at but she was with her husband and her baby daughter so they had to sit with other random people and try to chase down a high chair as not enough had been brought out.
happybride2012 Posts: 174
Table plan is essential in my opinion. I've never been to a wedding without one. I am dreading it though. I'll just be assigning people to the table, not the actual seats, they can figure that bit out themselves :-)
amthee Posts: 688
I would say do a table plan. I was at wedding where there was none and it was crazy! No one knew that there was no table plan so everyone arrived into the room and there was a scramble for seats. We managed to get a seat with another couple that we know but the rest of the people at the table were alot older than us. I know it was only for dinner that we had to sit there but it was difficult to get a table after dinner for everyone to sit together as no one wanted to give up 'their table". So I would recommend doing a table plan. I have started doing a rough one at the moment because I know it's going to be stressful and not something I want to be starting a week or two before our wedding.
candlequeen Posts: 991
We're having between 220-250 guests and I'm not doing one. I've actually never been to a wedding that HAD a table plan! I've never, ever seen a scramble for seats, and usually people will keep a seat if they want to sit beside someone & they're late. Not doing one, want to keep it relaxed & informal and let people have the choice to sit where they want.
PalomaSeven Posts: 48
Have only been to one without a table plan and it got a little messy. Lots of people got really upset when they didn't get to sit with friends and family and people started 'holding seats' for their friends. As a matter of interest, for the people who've only been to weddings without table plans, what part of the country are you from? Maybe there are different traditions in different areas?? Curious as I have also been to more than 20 weddings but only one without a table plan and that one was in the West, all the others on the East Coast