Table quiz any ideas???

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claire28 Posts: 50
Hi i went to 2 family wedding last year that did a table quiz for there guests. One was each couple on each table put a £5 in there pot and you guess the speech times the closes win the pot. It was good as got everyone talking. The other was a table quiz about the bride and groom the table with the most answers right won a free round of drinks. Again was good for getting people talking. The best man read out the answers.. Anyone got any other ideas i dont want to copy the 2 i have just mentioned as they were close family weddings, i would like something different but what???
little miss giggles Posts: 672
You could make up a crossword - think there is a site called puzzlemaker to help. The clues could be about the couple. eg - Where did we go on our first holiday? In which month is the grooms birthday? What do ya think??