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buddy Posts: 127
Im delighted I secured my tickets early this am after camping out (like the old days) (well, actually sat in the car outsidde the store!!) but its great? Are there any other fans out there? Roll on ay 12th.
number1cat Posts: 369
I'm feeling a bit sheepish admitting that I liked their songs but are tickets for the Dublin gig gone at this stage? I noticed a bulletin on Yahoo declaring that their tour had already sold out. If tickets are gone though, my beloved will be relieved. When Robbie's Millennium song was out, FH teased me endlessly about the mesmerised look I supposedly got from watching that video.
bubblesnsunshine Posts: 52
I got my tickets too!! Can't wait! I can't believe they sold out so fast, I thought I was the only saddo who'd be wanting to go.
december Posts: 1141
I wasn't aware that they were doing a gig and missed my chance to get tickets!! boo hoo!!
Cristalle Posts: 110
I think they are doing a second night on the Saturday - might be tickets left for that!
buddy Posts: 127
Take That are playing a second concert on May 13th due to demand so try ticketmaster i know there were tickets left this time last nite on line but i dunno now! Im glad there are a few of us fans left I was beginning to wonder!
LynSept05 Posts: 146
I came in early on Friday morning to get mine, SO EXCITED! I've been singing "Never Forget" all weekend!!!
AGuest Posts: 1262
I'm gutted - totally forgot about it on Friday until about 4pm and they'd all gone. Didn't hear about the Saturday concert till I read it on this thread this morning - and now they're all gone too :(