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frankiebabe06 Posts: 518
Hi, Has anyone tried "Adios" slimming tablets? I know they say u sudnt take slimming tablets as they wont benefit you in the future, but these are meant to be a naturally way of increasing your metabolism. I bought them yesterday but havent started yet, so just wondering has anyone else give them a go?
AnyHopeLeft Posts: 310
Hi Frankiebabe06. I bought them last Monday and started taking them last Monday evening. I'm taking 4 a day with each meal.I haven't really seen or noticed any difference yet although I suppose it's early days but a friend of mine has been taking them for over a month now and she swears by them. She really looks amazing too. Lost lots of weight and she does think it's them boosting her metabolism. Both our metabolism is so slow it's non existant. For what I eat I should be a skinny minny but it's just my metabolism is so slow that I do find it hard to lose weight no matter what I do. I don't eat much crap and hardly pick during the day so I decided I'd try these to see will it kick start a bit of weight loss for me. I do notice my energy is back up a bit as I have been feeling very lifeless for the last month or two. All I can say is try them. Everyone is different. What'll work for some won't work for others and they are totally natural too. Good luck. Let me know how you get on with them as I'm curious to know how others are finding them.
frankiebabe06 Posts: 518
Hi sniggywig (loving the name) Yea Il let u know! I googled them earlier and found a website that gave reviews on them, the good reviews were grt but they were mostly bad reviews (well not necessarily bad, but non-impressive) but il give them ago. Im not overweight but wud just like to lose a few pound as I am heavier than my normal weight and my clothes dont fit properly O:| Il keep in touch and let me know how u get on aswel! I suppose it'l prob take a mth or so to notice the diff! The extra energy is always a bonus!!! Good luck with it
maisedon Posts: 1394
Hey frankiebabe06, Just wondering how you got on with these??? I've been very tempted to buy these for a couple of weeks now... Maisedon
frankiebabe06 Posts: 518
Hi Maisedon, I only bought them last week, and i havent been using them properly at all. Believe it or not, its very hard to rem to take a tablet 3/4times a day or everytime u eat! So Im gonna try real hard now and start properly on them today! I suppose they'l take a while to notice the difference, so fingers X'd eh! I'l let u know and b in touch in 2/3 wks! Try them sure, they'r natural so cant do u any harm, i doubt? and we'l compare notes! :o)ll
maisedon Posts: 1394
Thanks frankiebabe, will give them a go so! Will let you know how I get on!!
murralm Posts: 607
i found they did sod all!!!!!!!!
mrsjun08 Posts: 2299
Hi guys, I tried these a few years ago & found they didnt do anything. I was doing it properly eating only my 3 meals a day & snacking only on fruit. They probably work for some and not for others I suppose....
Joanne2006 Posts: 765
Would love to know how you ladies got on too. Tried these myself the past month and frig all changed. I made more progress myself when i jus exercised n eat healthy. I only was takin 3 a day as id jus have the 3 meals a day, maybe by takin 4 might make a dif i dont know! Let us know how ur doin!
gottabfp Posts: 5641
girls how are you all getting on with these... any feedback? i started them on monday. 3 a day. im also doing ww. i have very bad stomach cramps and alot of wind ( sorry tmi)