Taking Folic Acid and extra vitamins, for how long?

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im waiting Posts: 2727
Ive been taking Pregnacare plus which includes omega 3, from as soon as I found out I was expecting, I'm just taking the normal pregnacare now with folic acid and 16 extra vitamins. I know your meant to take folic acid up until wk 12, but can I continue taking it? Also are any of you going to continue taking extra iron and vitamins throughout your pregnancy as when pregnant with dd I only took folic acid until wk 12 and nothing else afterwards, not even iron which was something I lacked come after the birth due to complications etc. I dont know what the norm is as my doc told me I wasnt lacking in iron even though I was fairly run down mid pregnancy onwards but generally my health was good. Whats the norm girls?
red_rubies Posts: 2424
I've taken pregnacare with omega for my whole pregnancy. I just feel it's better in case I'm not getting all I need in my diet. I don't eat a lot of fish, so taking the omega tablets makes me feel better, that babs is getting enough of everything. It's completely up to you. If you feel your diet is varied enough then you don't need extra supplements but if you want to err on the side of caution, continue taking them. :wv ETA: I was only told to start taking iron on my last hosp visit (last Wed) My iron count is borderline & doc said it's just incase I have any complications they would rather I have a good supply of iron in my body.