Taking folic acid when vomiting

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cuisle Posts: 93
Hi girls, I have quite bad ms and am eight and a half weeks gone. I try and take my folic acid after breakfast. I was just wondering if any of you know if I need to take it again if I get sick four hours or more later. I worry about taking too much folic acid but maybe that is not possible. I am not eating very much at all at the moment and can't even face veggies and fruit so am fairly reliant on the supplement to keep the little one healthy. Any help would be greatly appreicated. Thanks ladies :thnk
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
hey there, I thought about this too, had ms on DS and hyperemesis this time round. I didn't take any additional folic acid tbh. Hopefully it will pass and sure you were prob taking it before getting pg. Don't worry about it. Just maybe try and take it at a time you won't be sick, before bed etc.
Bananas28 Posts: 51
Hi Cuisle, Is there a different time of the day when you don't feel too bad that you could take it instead? I take it at night just before hopping into bed.
cuisle Posts: 93
Hiya girls Thanks for your replies. So far my ms has not settled into any kind of pattern. It has happened first thing, mid-morning, lunch-time, mid afternoon, evening and once at night time after just getting into bed!!! Got some advice from my SIL, her husband is a doctor, and she said if I get sick within six hours of taking it take it again but there is nothing wrong with taking two. Thanks again ladies.....