taking lysine when pregnant

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wiggls Posts: 4
Does anyone know if u can take lysine for a coldsore when pregnant I'm 37 weeks and that's the only thing that works for me
clarenenes Posts: 118
I'm not sure about lysine but have you tried Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream it's excellent for them stops them in their tracks
clarenenes Posts: 118
Just had a quick look on dr. google it looks like research is ongoing with it so its not definite
MrsMommy Posts: 1112
My consultant said no to lysine but yes to Zovirax.
wiggls Posts: 4
Thank you I think I'll leave it then
Hellinhighheels Posts: 183
I get coldsores occasionally (though none since I got pg, thankfully) and what works for me is a couple of drops of tea tree oil onto the sore during the day - it can get into your mouth, so be careful! - and then cover it at night with the Compeed coldsore patches. I find using the patch speeds up the recovery - I only use it at night as it tends to fall off if you're talking/eating etc. during the day.
vinoqueeno Posts: 3511
I asked my doc about this early on in pregnancy and she advised against it. As an alternative I came across Elizabeth Arden 8 hr cream like Clarenenes suggested and also keeping it as moist as possible with vaseline as it reduced the chance of it splitting. The coldsore definitely didn't last as long and was cleared up in 2 days.