taking spirulina?

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lunasa* Posts: 46
Just wondering if anyone has taken this during pregnancy. It has been recommended to me as my diet isnt the best but whengoogled it got mixed views?? *)
buffster Posts: 251
A friend of mine took this throughout her pregnancy. She has done alot of research into alternative medicine and was taking this before she got pregnant anyway. I took this a few years ago for awhile to give me energy but never really stuck to it. Then I did happen to read an article talking about the risks of algae being contaminated and I think this is where the concerns and debates came up on spiralina. Not taking it myself, just taking a prenatal multivitamin, you can get strong ones that include loads of extra good stuff from any healthfood shop (higher nature or new chapter)- and it might be worth asking them about the spiralina too :wv
lunasa* Posts: 46
THanks for replying bufster. will look into it. hope u feeling well :wv