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MrsDr Posts: 1316
Hi Ladies, Im just wondering does anyone else feel like they are taking the michael at work or that people in your job maybe thinkng "OMG she's ONLY pregnant". My job is very stressful with alot of running around, going to meetings, making decisions constantly. So far I took 1 sick day before Xmas and was signed off for 3.5 days a few weeks ago just told to rest as Im getting false labour pains. Lately I constantly find myself in work feeling tired, nauseous and hot. The urge to come home sick yesterday was soooo strong but I stuck it out and cried when I got home! :o( When I told some of the team yesterday I was thinking of going home, it was met with a very blank non-encouraging response. I always feel guilty when I am at home sick but surely now more than ever we derserve some rest time!! I have had people who work for me been out for weeks on end with pg related issues. What does everyone else think about the whole work situation and do yous ever get the guilts?!? O:|
mammymcphee Posts: 4477
you poor pet, dont feel guilty for taking time off work this time last year i was off work due to spd, and to be honest its the people who i worked with made me feel guilty for being off, one girl wud have been a so called friend and i heard she was giving out that i was off work, when i should have been in here, that it wasnt as if i was standing all day etc etc. the way i look at it is, ignore them, its not as if they are paying your wages, i was fuming when i heard what she had said, and u know what, when the time comes, and she may be in the same position, she will prob do the same, and take time off. let them be begrudging hun and look after yourself, i cant understand why some people in a work place get so ratty when someone is off sick, feel better soon :wv :wv
lush11 Posts: 2877
I totally hear what your saying! Im the exact same that i feel like when i need to go preg rel sick that they all think im taking the p!ss. Its horrible. There was another girl in our office that went sick about 6-8 weeks before she was due and she was seriously looked down on and was slated behind her back so im very conscious of the fact things will prob be said if i go early due to sickness. There doesnt seem to be much sympathy for preg women anymore and its only that im pregnant that i know how hard it gets. I was sick back in Jan and didnt go sick for fear of all this.
Trafford Posts: 463
I feel for you girls if you have genuinely been having a tough time in pregnancy, because the stress of keeping up appearances in work is only adding to it all for you. I know I have been very lucky that I haven't had any sick days or any need for any. There was another girl in work who was due her baby last month, and she totally took the p*ss and we could all see it. I know because she has the same consultant as me, and he takes people in the evenings and weekends, yet she would take afternoons off regularly for "appointments with her consultant". I had never told her I was seeing the same guy, but I knew that she wasn't going to appointments all those times because his clinic wouldn't be open. Eventually it was pointed out to her that the policy in work is that time is given "for the appointment and travel to and from" and she had to account for why she would leave at 11am and not come back all day. She then started just taking the mornings off instead, again for what I know were bogus appointments. She also finished up a couple of weeks earlier than HR had agreed with her was the start of her ML. Now she phoned in and said that the doctor had insisted, yet when we were looking for files on her desk we saw that she had cleared her desk of all personal belongings etc, which meant she knew in advance she would be finishing up, but made it look like it had just been ordered on her. She also made no efforts to do a handover and left her files in rag-order. She has peed off plenty of people with her attitude.
MrsDr Posts: 1316
Thats exactly it Lush, I've so much b*tching about previous pg women taking alot of time off that Im nearly afraid to take any!! Girls it makes me feel better that you understand since a really good friend of mine who doesnt want kids said to me last week "I can see why employers dont like to hire women of child bearing age when they're out so much" followed by "but you have barely taken time off". Now I know she didnt mean to be nasty by it its just her way but things like that are in my head now O:|
blondie77 Posts: 217
Hmmm! I have to say to be honest the one thing I am sure of is that every pregnancy is different and unless you ve gone through a difficuly pregnancy you have NO idea what its like! Every on a social basis I got blasted for not "being myself" at a friends hen party as I was 10 weeks pregnant and by 1am I was exhausted and really needed to call it a night but then I was told I did nt make the effort and was selfish but to be fair I really really was feeling crap at that stage! As regards work I think to be fair there are plenty of people who at one stage or another have pulled sickies for whatever reason but in the current climate there is so much resentment towards work loads etc its another reason to b*tch. I think you know how you are feeling, and lets be honest, your health and that of your little baby is the main priority and not what work colleagues think, in ten years time there s a fair chance you wont even be in touch with any of them so sod them and look after yourself xxxxx