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happilymarried2010 Posts: 493
2 women in my office are preggers, so am i but havent announced it yet. i reckon i wont tell them at all :o0 :o0 :o0 they talk [u:1ixkheh8][b:1ixkheh8]NON STOP[/b:1ixkheh8][/u:1ixkheh8] about babies, headaches, pains, headcolds, nausea blah blah really sorry for the rant but im sick of it & they are not having their babs til Oct. please please talk about something else.....the weather? the ash cloud? aaaaanything Sorry again girls i know they are excited but Shut The Fcuk Up
finnug Posts: 211
haha i hear you! I'm onto my second girl in work whos pregnant so it seems never ending. Of course they are excited but I'v heard far too much stuff about pregnancy that I did not know and to be honest I was happier in my ignorance!! Less info on it the better please unless they want to put me off it for life!!
lstars Posts: 1199
congrats on the pregnancy!! dont tell them for ages..... just keep saying that you notice that your trousers seem tighter... :o0 :o0
Baby4 Posts: 153
Ladies, if you think they are bad being pregnant, wait until they have their babies and it's all, is yours doing this, is yours doing that , does yours have two teeth or four teeth, mine has all of her teeth!! etc... yawn!!! :duh:
happilymarried2010 Posts: 493
oh the thoughts of that!! the 2 of them spend all day going "do you ever get a little twinge here or maybe here or how about over here (the whole time pointing to their as yet non existent bumps), i find if i sleep this way or that way or................." blah blah fekn blah. sorry i know everyone is different but am dreading telling them my news if there are going to be that many ridiculous questions every single day!! all they do is squak about headaches, twinges, veins, moods, tears, cramps, cravings, .........and on & on & on maybe im being odd :-8
Synergy Posts: 2768
Imagine your poor boss with 3 of ye going out on maternity leave!
happilymarried2010 Posts: 493
i know ya!! good enough for him as he doent treat us fairly anyways. if it was any other job i would feel bad & do my best to have work done etc etc but he was the one who let the bully off her leash at me so i couldnt give a fiddlers tbh :innocent:
lush11 Posts: 2877
I know how you feel. Im actually sick of talkin about my wedding. One of the girls i work with got married at weekend and we talked about the weddings a lot but so glad im free of wedding talk at work for a month. I need a month off my wedding!
happilymarried2010 Posts: 493
one of the pg women is off today thank Frick!!!!!!! couldnt deal with it today. fekn browned off its Monday :o( :o(