tan dilema

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Mrstagtobe Posts: 23
Hey all Getting married in three weeks and still havent found a tan that suits me. Either there too orange or come off horrible. I wouldnt feel comfortable without one. Does anyone have any reccomendations?
Fuss Pot Posts: 405
What tans have you tried? I presume you've gotten them done professionally in salons cos they really do a better job than doing it yourself! The spray ones usually come out very even. I'm using fake bake on the day, always looks nice IMO :-8 ! Are you exfoliating properly beforehand and moisturising afterwards?
Sheatsea Posts: 63
Mrstagtobe ..... How are you ? You must be very excited I can highly recommend Vita Liberta ... I have been using it for well over 2 years now . It's recently being advertised on TV3 . I get mine in Boots , they do it in Liffey Valley & Blanch ( just stocked up yesterday) They have a few different ones , I use rich silken chocolate which goes on dark so you can see exactly where it's going , you can put your clothes straight on after . ideally I would put it on at night and have a shower next am . It does not smell & wears off very well. The other one I use is their instant one that has a very slight hint of shimmer ... Don't let that put you off as I hate shimmer but I love this one. They have just recently brought out a new one called deep rich silken chocolate ~ now I have to say that I would only use this on my chest as for some reason the tan never seems to come up as dark there on me !!! Another tip apart from the obvious ( exfoliate, moisturise) ... Vita Liberata have a great tanning Mit , it's more expensive than your usual one but like the tan, it's well worth it . it's something you should really be testing out now .... Good Luck & let me knowvhow you get on Cheers & Thanks [email protected] :wv
flor Posts: 1621
i swear by st tropez bronzing mousse applied with the spongey tanning mitt you can get in penneys or your local chemist... have tried other tans but this one is the best on me.