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jmeath Posts: 5740
Hi all, I've a wedding on Wednesday and was going to just do my own tan but i've never done my legs before and even when i get a spray tan they still don't come out very dark. Was wondering if i did my own tan on say Saturday night and see how my legs come out Sun if i could maybe do a 2nd coat then on Monday night if my legs didnt come out but also i think by Wed my arms will have started to fade so would i look ridicous if i did a 2nd coat of that? Id prob look tangoed!!! My other ques is what if i just did my own tan on Mon and if my legs didnt come out go and get a spray tan on them on Tue would it match up being 2 diff tans? I really dont wanna wear tights because i've open toe shoes? I've tried sandal toe tights and they still have the bit at your toes...
kingdom girl Posts: 955
if you are going DIY i would recommend fake bake spray - you will need someone to help you and i would advise doing it outside - i used this and you are guaranteed no streaks and you wont look tangoed if you have to apply another layer if the first layer is too light its about €40 for a can of it, its available in alot of chemists
jmeath Posts: 5740
Thanks kingdom girl...im a bit afraid of spray cans coz i never do my own tan...h2b usually does me but i might try it! Thanks a mil
kingdom girl Posts: 955
i forgot to mention that im crap at applying tan and that my poor h2b got the job of spraying me - he did a great job, cant go wrong. go for it & let me know how you get on :wv
jmeath Posts: 5740
[quote="kingdom girl":qpdtfssq]i forgot to mention that im crap at applying tan and that my poor h2b got the job of spraying me - he did a great job, cant go wrong. go for it & let me know how you get on :wv[/quote:qpdtfssq] Yeah my h2b normally does a better job than me! Will have a look for it today on my lunch!!!!
wah Posts: 1414
i agree about the spary tan, its great, i use the st tropez one and it really is fool proof, but like you my legs dont turn out great no matter what i try, might be due to the fact that they never see the light of day! So what i do is on the day after my shower i mix a bit of moisteriser and instant tan together and put that on my legs and it just blends and smooths out any blemishes, i know it defeats the purpose of using the other stuff but i've tried giving myself 2 sprays on the legs and all i end up with is mucky looking ankles and heels so i find that this works for me
jmeath Posts: 5740
Damn i never thought of my heals and ankles...i was just afraid of being too white of streaky!!! lol But i went the chemist at lunch and i had the Fake Bake, Bronze Express and Loreal and the girl recommended Bronze Express (which ive used on my top half before and loved) and then Loreal Sublime...she said to put on the sublime on Monday and see how it turns out Tue and then go over it with the bronze express but i might try it sat night and see sun how it somes out then try a 2nd coat sun night and then do bronze express mon night!!!
Little Miss Chatterbox Posts: 1362
that sounds like an awfull lot of fake tan MeathBride, be very carefull you dont end up like an umpalumpa(sp)!! and exfoliate really really well before you do anything!!