Taste in mouth

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tinyfeet Posts: 3482
As if this 24 hour nausea isnt bad enough I have the most awful taste in my mouth! :o( Anyone got any tips for getting rid of it, I have tried chewing gum but it makes me too thirsty, I have tried hard sucky sweets but they seem to leave a worse taste after i've finished one....
MrsMommy Posts: 1112
When I was around 6-7 weeks sour jellies got rid of the taste for me. I hear you on the 24 nausea too. I'm cursing whoever named it 'morning sickness'. All my dinner that my DH made came back up last night :o(
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
Ooooh sour jellies, yum. I am finding my teeth are feeling manky though from eating sweets trying to get rid of the horrible taste! Can't win really!! :o0
alwaysnextmonth Posts: 204
love hearts (sweets) worked for me helped with the taste in my mouth and the nausea