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mrswifey09 Posts: 1300
Sooo I want a dh is dead against it, but since my cousin (my best friend!!)died 7 years ago in an accident I wanted to get a tattoo for him....he had one for his dad (my uncle) and him and I feel like I want to continue this for him... my dh is dead against them but if I was to get one obv I'd have to convince him. th thing is we are going on a trip in a few weeks to visit one of his cousins who is big into tattoos and deffo know's the right ppl in the industry and I want to ask him to make a booking for me...should I email him or say it to my dh first....?! Looking up designs at th mo, and not sure where to get it also....want it somewhere I can show it off when I want but also hide it....iykwim!? was thinking of angel wings on my left shoulder blade and mayb with the first letter of his name in it...the angel wings on left shoulder would be to represent the fact that he is an angel looking over me but really was the bad influence in my life and I loved him for that! if that makes sense!?
HippyChic Posts: 1812
As someone with tattoos can I just say that you really need to make sure you're happy with your design!! Don't get anything in a sort of "spur of the moment", have a design like the one you're thinking of, think about it for as long as you want, maybe have someone talented draw it on you in a washable ink so you can live with it for a few days and see how you like the placement etc. Once done it is going to be there for life! Definitely get a recommendation from someone who has tattoos already. Make sure the shop is clean, that the needles come out of packets that you see being opened, that the ink is poured into tiny, disposable, cups or bowls so that it's not ink that has already been used iykwim. Talk to your DH, explain why you want the tattoo and how much it means to you, have him look at the design you want with you, show him the temporary version if you get it done as he's going to be seeing it for a long time and there's no point in him hating it - it will eventually make you hate it too. Last but not least make sure you follow all of the care instructions to the letter! Oh, and it does hurt! Fleshy areas generally hurt less than boney ones (but not always). It's a lovely thing to have done for your cousins memory and I'm sure he would appreciate it. I'm so sorry that he was taken away from you :action32
mrswifey09 Posts: 1300
Thanks for your reply hippychic! :thnk I have wanted to do this since the day he was taken from me, but couldnt decide what to get, over the past few months I have been thinking strongly about it and just feel like this is my perfect opportunity to do it, as I trust dh's cousin to put me in touch with the right person as he and his wife have a number of tattoos each and never had a problem with them!! Ha, Ilike how you admit that they do a skinny-malinky so no matter wher I get it will be bony!!! :-8 just need to find someone to design it now!!! dont think I know anyone arty/designer!! will have to get thinkin tho!! And will deffo speak to dh about it and I'm sure he will understand!
Drummerswife Posts: 3497
I don't have a lot of advice as I've been trying to decide for 10 years whether to get one or not. I would really like one but I'm afraid I'll regret it so holding off until I'm sure. But on my many years of researching I came across a site called Tattoo johnny but if you see a design on there that you like you can buy a temporary tattoo version of it to try it out. Might be worth looking into. Best of luck and lovely sentiment.
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
I have 2, thinking to get my 3rd. One on my right hip and the other is on my lower back. So both hidden. Really think long and hard about location. If it is on your shoulder blade, really think about how you would feel when you are wearing a summer dress or wearing a cocktail dress/all dolled up??? If you are happy with that and fine showing it off, go with it. Agree about design also. Don't be afraid to change your mind once they do the transfer before they start also. My 3rd I was thinking about on my hairline at the back of my neck, 2 nice stars or something for both kids. Really want a 3rd but as it will be seen, I am taking my time thinking about it. Best of luck with your decision.
GigglingMonkey Posts: 514
I have one on my hip and I only show people when I choose to let them know I have a tattoo. Debating on getting another one on my ribs at the moment....but I don't know. Me being me....I'd discuss it with DH but if I was head strong in getting something and have given it a lot of thought I'd do it. If you live in or near Dublin....there's a few good tattoo artists in Snakebite. They might be able to design something for you.
Kaycee Posts: 2107
as someone who has tattoos and regrets them Id say don't do it :)
mrswifey09 Posts: 1300
Thanks for all your replies ladies, will have to sit down with dh and discuss it with him seriously. I have been waiting 7 years to do this, and feel that now is the right time to do it. I'm sure he'l understand!! [quote="Kaycee":3o7qdoob]as someone who has tattoos and regrets them Id say don't do it :)[/quote:3o7qdoob] if u don't mind me asking Kaycee...why do u regret them? is it where they are on your body? do they represent something about your past etc or is it just the actually tattoos themselves. My cousin got a huge one done at 18 of an ex's name and regretted it and hates it, she got it altered recently but obv she know's what it really stands for. but it didnt stop her going and getting two other ones to represent her now.(and no more boys names!!!lol!!!)
Girl From Mars Posts: 1446
If you want to do it, do it right. As has been said already make sure you're happy with your artist's work, the studio cleanliness and design. I would suggest trying to make your design as unique as possible. A lot of people have tattoos and a lot of them can look rubbish so just be 100% sure. If you want to see how badly it can go if you don't get the right artist/design, check this out: (also good for a few laughs!)
Kaycee Posts: 2107
i got mine was i was 15 i regret what I got, I was a big tomboy and it looks hideous and its on my arm. i pretty much barely show my upper arms ever :)