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lindy Posts: 1135
Hi girls im booked in for getting a tattoo on thursday for who has them do you still like them or regret getting it done and what is the feeling like is it sore.. thanks *)
lindy Posts: 1135
Mar08 Posts: 310
i personally think they are horrible. i have one on my shoulder and i regretted it from the minute i got it. sorry to be saying this to you but I just have to tell you how i feel from experience. i spent 2 years and a lot of money getting it removed and it didnt work. PAINFUL experience getting it removed. I am now trying some other treatment up in Dublin and I am praying that it works. GOOD LUCK IN DECISION MAKING:)
mrs bmw Posts: 6447
I have 4 tattos in total, 3 stars on my left foot, shooting star on my right ankle, gecko lizard on the base of my spine and 2 pieces of chinese writing on my right shoulder that mean Angel Woman. Love all my artwork, thought long and hard about what I wanted and made sure that it had a personal meaning for me also. Its not that sore, kinda like a needles being dragged along the top part of your skin. I would never get a tattoo on my chest or arm, I think its quite replusive on a woman - sorry no offence.
goldie. Posts: 1233
Hi ya, I got one done a few years ago. It is a bit sore when it is being done but not too bad. The skin feels as if it is sunburnt for a few days after. :o( My only advice is to get one in a place that you can cover up if you want. I got mine on my lower back which means for interviews etc it is not on show. Unfortunately some people have a problem with tattoos. Other than that I would say go for it.
Mrs.July0408 Posts: 1842
I dont have any tatoos myself, but a friend had a tatoo on her arm and she hated it on her wedding day. Every picture she had taken she had 2 b sure she was showing her other arm. I suppose it depends where u get it.
Gabby Posts: 2873
hey lindy I got one on my lower back years ago and it was grand. It was a little painful but not as bad as I thought it would be. I got it there as I didn;t want to be worrying about covering it up in years to come etc and I have to say I love it and don;t regret getting it at all. I sometimes forget its there but then someone will notice it. HTH
BlahBlahBride Posts: 2744
Mama2 Posts: 1230
I have one on my left hip and I love it. I designed it myself years ago. I have it done since I was 18. I wouldn't change a bit about it as it's coverable where it is and no one sees it that I don't want to see it >:o) I'm actually thinking about getting another one soon but I just need to decide what I want.
ceribabe Posts: 55
Hi girls, whilst flicking through one of my many bridal mags - I saw this excellent tatoo concealing kit - which may interest some of you who may not want to show off your tatoos on your big day.... [url:1c23annk][/url:1c23annk] Hope this helps some peeps! :-8 :-8 :-8