Tax and Maternity Benefit

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MrsMoneypenny Posts: 783
ok i have a question Basically my employer will be taking the maternity benefit directly and i'll be taxed less the €280. Now what happens when i take unpaid leave etc? Can i claim tax back when i return to work? Do i have to return to work in the same tax year? I will be taking maternity leave from 30th jan and hoping not to return till jan 2010. can anyone explain any of this to me cause currently it's as clear as mud :o0 :o0
montblanc Posts: 385
I was just going to ask this myself!!! If anyone has any info, I'd be delighted to hear. From what I gather you won't be taxed on the 280 a week maternity benefit, which means you would be due back a good bit in tax (enough to take a little bit of unpaid leave ), but how does it work? Do you get taxed less every month, or you do you have to claim it back afterwards and how?! It is all very complicated.