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LTB Posts: 220
Quick question.... I'm out of work since early May. Was thinking of transferring my Tax Credits to hubby. But not sure if it's the best thing to do. I'm on Jobseekers Allowance which is means tested. Only getting €82.90 a week. Will this be affected? Also, if I was to get a job would we be able to switch our credits back straight away? Any help appreciated.... Ta LTB *) *) *)
irishprincess Posts: 38
yes, i'd say you'd benefit much better if you transfered yours to your hubby. Its very easy to get them transfered back to you again if you get a job. Best of luck :wv
jadem Posts: 1787
I transferred my over to hubby but they would'nt transfer them all over as u end up paying back money.Jus ring up and its done over the fone.Out of work since may too.Its fecking hard get anything.