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Wedding Cars Ireland Posts: 1970
Hi, I dont know if any of you saw tonights program on Taxi Licencing and PSV Licensing of 'vehicles for hire' and PSV Drivers. What was not brought up on the program was that the same regulations not only apply to all taxis and hackneys, but also LIMOS or CARS FOR HIRE for wedding use. A whole program could be given over to the subject of unlicensed, uninsured and untested cars (both modern and vintage, REGARDLESS OF AGE) and drivers, being hired out for wedding use. Please check your wedding car is legal!
FlexyDee Posts: 4904
My dad is a hackney driver and the respect and upkeep that he puts into his 9 seater is really good. There is also another taxi driver from my area at home and him and his wife have been known to put 20 people into a 9 seater! :eek :eek
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
Wasn't it appalling? The unlicensed taxis and people getting licenses when they have criminal convictions was shocking. And that woman putting 13 kids into a taxi with only eight seat belts. But what made me gasp out loud was the corruption in the NCT test centres. Really truly shocking stuff. I mean those cars he was bringing in were unroadworthy, the engines were literally falling out of them, batteries not attached, petrol tanks cracked and for €100 the inspectors passed them. If that car was then in an accident to my mind those inspectors had blood on their hands. Disgusting stuff, they should be named and sacked, immediately. Feel sorry for genuine taxi drivers, and I know two personally. It must be like swimming against the tide working in that industry and trying to do it right.
vidia Posts: 2960
That Prime Time Investigation programme has led to a serious look into the company managing the NCT, so thats good! I saw a little bit of the programme and it was horrendous.. That truck driver who killed 6 people and got a suspended sentence :eek :eek Cant say enough about it, so much I hate about the law.
Hyper2012 Posts: 1327
Never mind the NCT their independant inspecter they had inspecting the cars works for the doe centre in Kinsgwood This is the guy that was deeming the cars unsafe and that they wer not road worthy This being the EXACT same guy who tested H2B'S van for doe and offered to pass it for and extra €50 with a few faults oil leak,bulbs,tyres etc!!!!!!!!!
Wedding Cars Ireland Posts: 1970
Yep, its a minefield out there, i estimate that 80% of people hiring out wedding cars are not insured, not licensed and the cars not tested.
Alsgal12 Posts: 1411
[quote="SorrentoWife":3o8cd79t]Totally agree SK, any genuine taxi drivers out there are now guilty until they can prove otherwise. The regulatory system obviously doesn't work and needs a total over haul.[/quote:3o8cd79t] +1 Sorrento Wife I have to say the programme really upset me as did some comments a number of colleages were making in work the day after. My OH became a taxi driver a year ago simply because he couldnt get any other job (hasnt got a great education and no degree). He was borderline depressed after a year on the dole and no hope of a job. He knew he had to do something when it got to the point where he wasnt even getting dressed in the mornings. In the year he has been driving the taxi, we have gotten into even more debt due to the cost of maintaining the car, licence, NCT etc (also had some bad luck with expensive repairs being necessary). He works 40-50 hours per week and comes home with less then 300euro after petrol, radio etc. He maintains his vehicle, keeps it clean, has all his documents in order, is polite, professional and hard-working. And then RTE have to tar all drivers with the same brush and I have people passing comments about "taxi driver scum" "all ex-cons or thickos" "I'd be afrid to get in a taxi on my own in case he raped me" etc etc. :ooh :duh: :duh: :duh: It made my heart break for him and for all the other decent hard working men and women breaking their backs out there. The system is a joke and needs complete overhaul to assist not punish the legit people just trying to scratch a living
moobear Posts: 1126
I saw that also and to be honest, I am glad. Not that they are out of a job but that they got caught with their dodgy dealings. I feel that loosing their job is not harsh enough action as it has made a laughing matter of the NCT, which is supposed to protect us, the general public!!! There are so many honest drivers that look after their cars and also the the passangers that trust them, that the behaviour of a small number bring the name of the industry down. I hope that further action will be taken and the few "rogues" that are working in an improper & illegal manner will have the law to deal with
Sodapop Posts: 3220
This programme shocked me - the bus driver who was double jobbing was doing over 90 hours a week of driving! OMG! The guy who was renting out taxis to people he wasn't checking their documents and the cars were falling apart - that was sickening. My hubby works in the motor trade and he was shocked at the condition of those cars! The scandal with the NCT!! - that one car where the gear stick got stuck and the tester (who was paid off) couldn't even change the gears himself - :eek - the car passed with full marks! Then my sister, who's car is 10yrs old but in absolutely perfect condition fails because she didn't have water in the window-spray!!! (she just forgot to check it!!) SHOCKING REALLY!!! Makes the whole thing look like a total FARS and the poor people who are honest and hardworking get looked at in a bad light too - just awful.
scotswedding Posts: 2829
Was pretty shocking but was aware of a lot of aspects of that already. My OH and FiL are taxi drivers who, spending the money and care that they do, are extremely bothered by the jokes that some people drive around in never mind those who swap cars/licences between each other etc. The NCT was shocking but the worst was the lack of garda checks on people applying for the SPSV licences. To think the rapist involved in the X case got his licence and was able to attack again is so scary....