taxi from dublin airport wiht 1 year old - no car seat?

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swissgirl Posts: 2301
Hi all, I will be arriving wiht my 1 year old (think adult Goat with ADD) into dublin airport on Wednesday evening with luggage and no buggy (long story dont ask). Will I be able to get a taxi, is it possible that some taxis have baby seats or booster seats? Do I have to get a bus (with Goat with ADD)? What do you think? Anyone do this? x sg
MammySpice Posts: 2501
Hi Swissgirl, Sounds like you are going to have your hands full!! DH's dad is a taxi driver and he always said they were exempt from child car seat law. This sounded mad to me so I checked it out and it seems he is right :eek Check out the link: [url:1x2xny1j][/url:1x2xny1j] [url:1x2xny1j][/url:1x2xny1j] Not sure how comfortable I would be bringing ds in a car without a seat but think this gets the drivers off the hook with regards to having to carry carseats or boosters... Edited to add - maybe you can prebook a specifically child friendly taxi?? Local airport taxi companies might oblige and would also be worth a call?? [url:1x2xny1j][/url:1x2xny1j] hth :wv
whirly-girl Posts: 760
SG - I got caught once from the aiport - long story, cancelled flight etc etc blah blah and they had to give us a taxi home - DD (think teenage style attitude junior chimpanzee) had no car seat, I was bricking it and made him drive so slowly, but anyway - seemed he was exempt from the law and we did get home safe. Not ideal, but you won't be the first who's done it.
sinion Posts: 6050
[quote="swissgirl":2rxa9yyb]think adult Goat with ADD[/quote:2rxa9yyb] [quote="whirly-girl":2rxa9yyb]think teenage style attitude junior chimpanzee[/quote:2rxa9yyb] :yelrotflmaosmilie: :yelrotflmaosmilie:
swissgirl Posts: 2301
Thanks so much guys x sg
MonkeySocks Posts: 1185
I'm very interested in this topic as I don't drive. Sorry to hijack your thread but does anyone know if you can take a pram on without disasembling it if it is a wheelchair accessible taxi? I know you can do this in Scotland but I am unsure about here?
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diego456 Posts: 1
Hello.. You can go with your youngster on your lap in taxis here in the event that you need to as scampibear says taxis are excluded from the auto situate controls.