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broody bride Posts: 4
Regular user here just gone anon for this: I'm getting married this Summer :o)ll and would love to start trying for a baby as soon as the ink is dry on the wedding cert :o0 :o0 :o0 I'm soo broody at the moment but for personal reasons I'd prefer to be married before we start trying. Can anyone recommend what I should start doing now? Ie When should I come off the pill? Should I start taking some vitamins etc Lots of :babydust: to everyone ttc now.
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
Welcome to the club. :wv The only advice I can give is to start taking folic acid now. I'm sure there are more experienced ttc'ers here that could give you better advice, coz I'm only new to this myself :-8
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Hiya, start taking folic acid anyhow. If I were you I'd wait a while before coming off the pill, they say you're most fertile the first 3-4 months after coming off it. I came off it end of August and got my BFP after 2 months of trying. However, everyone is different, I guess it also depends what your cycle is like, mine after coming off was 38 days, then 2 30 days then bfp. Good luck in any case! and best of luck for your wedding.
stompy9 Posts: 227
I'm the EXACT same, and I asked my nurse abvout it. She suggested coming off the pill 3 months before the wedding and using alternative contraception, and start taking folic acid at the same time. Then start trying from wedding night onwards! My main worry having my period on my wedding day - at least I can control the timing whilst I'm on the pill, whereas coming off 3 months in advance I will have no control. I don't suppose there's anything anyone can suggest with respect to this? Suppose not really...
Joleigh Posts: 4242
There are tablets you can get from your doc that delay your period, you take them a month or 2 in advance when you can work out what date you are due on.
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Beware also ladies, you risk having a breakout when coming off the pill, so wouldn't be nice for your wedding day! I had zits all along my jawline for the first few months. And you can start taking folic acid now... in fact the earlier you take it the better.
Sphynx Posts: 6795
You could check to see if your vaccinations need to be topped up (Rubella etc). Other than that and the folic acid, I'd say try to get fit in preparation for all the "trying" and hopefully carrying a baby around for 9 months! Hard work!
2006_lowkey Posts: 141
hi there I was exactly the same as you, I got my rubella checked four months beforehand and started taking folic acid too and then also fiddled my pill start day to ensure that I finished my pill and would have had my AF the week before the wedding that way I was clear for the wedding and honeymoon. THEN had a fab honeymoon, really relaxed and totally loved up and came home to find out a week later I was pregnant. Was a bit shocked but also for some reason I had always thought it would happen first go too, maybe everyone does though. My advice would be to do it that way as you are supposed to be v v fertile the first month and also are as relaxed and happy as you will ever be, perfect time to let nature take its course. best of luck.