Tealight/candle holders/church lanterens WANTED

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AZ Posts: 25
Hi all, As I am about to go out an buy a load of candle holders to arrange in Church windows and on tables in my venue & church I am sure somebody else has done this and is now possibly stuck with a load of tealight holders/cnadle holders that they dont need. If ye need to declutter let me know and I will buy them from you- looking for about 80-100 tealight holders for tables and then whatever lanterens or big candles holders tht you may have used in the church, everything considered. Thanks
Imps Posts: 7
Hi Dictionary, I don't have any to sell, but we got a great bargain on tea-lights & tea-light holders in Ikea - the holders are only 49c each - really lovely!!
yankiecandle Posts: 2888
there was a girl on here selling them: medievalbride 120 for €50. maybe they are still available?
mrsmaybride2010 Posts: 843
hey sorry to jump on your post has anyone seen cheap purple tea light holders. the ones i have seen are too expensive. i would need about 55 of them
AZ Posts: 25
thanks so much all , Ikea here I come! Appreciate all the tips
buds and berries Posts: 565
Hi there, Sorry to jump in on your post. If you are looking for candle stands for the church or venue we have some terrifc new stands in. You can pm me if you are interested in receiving pics/prices. Many thanks, Buds.