Tearing/stitches after labour!!

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delirious Posts: 287
Hi ladies, im wondering is it possible to go through a vaginal labour without getting any big tears or stitches? Or am i living in dreamland?!! What is the norm, one to three stitches?
theoracle Posts: 7664
Yes, this is possible. It all depends which way baby is facing, how big baby is and whether you need assistance (forceps or ventouse). Also some hospitals employ 'active management of labour' which means that they are most likely to apply epiosotomy as a routine procedure, so if you do not wish them to do this as a matter of of course, your best bet is a birth plan or have your DH with you to be ready to intervene if required as you do have the right to refuse it if it is not done out of medical necessity. If you look up the 'tips how to cope in labour' post, you will be able to read quite a few birth stories of ladies who have done without stitches/tears.
trixibell Posts: 136
Hi I have hears that massaging almond oil down there and taking star oil capsules (i think thats what they are called!) a week beforehand can help as well. One of my friends did it and had one stitch! Pretty good I think!
BrideStuff.com Posts: 229
Just read there that inserting as well as taking orally...evening primrose oil helps as it has natural prostglandins as well as helping to soften cervix to dilate.I'm going to try that.
Milis in disguise Posts: 727
Don't take evening primrose oil too early though, it can cause uterine contractions, so it's not recommended during pregnancy!
delirious Posts: 287
Im going to try the almond oil! Would i buy that in a pharmacy or an health shop? Im going to massage the oil in during my maternity leave i think! Thanks for the tips :thnk
McSquigg Posts: 174
It is possible, I didn't have any stitches, just a little graze. It was one of my big fears so I was so glad when the midwife said I didn't tear! I tried perineal massage with olive oil but only managed it 3 times in the weeks before Aimee was born. I think the answer is a really good experienced midwife who will control your delivery. I didn't have an epidural and used gas and air for the pushing stage - the midwife told me when to push and when just to breath in and out - if you listen to them, you're less likely to tear, it may still happen but it's less likely. Good luck!
delirious Posts: 287
Thanks McSquigg - that gives me a bit of hope! Think youre right about the importance of having an experienced midwife. Love the name you chose for your daughter - Aimee - nice way of spelling it too!
madhatter01 Posts: 495
YES! I now firmly believe the MW plays a big part in this, if they are clued in and helping u and teling u whats happening and when to push etc you will tend not to tear. The perineal massage is also supposed to help
delirious Posts: 287
I got the almond oil today so will give the massage a go! I also splashed out on the Mamma Mio range! I'm dangerous going into the pharmacy -such temptation!