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candlequeen Posts: 991
Hey girls, as much as I love shoe shopping, I was getting really thick with the limitations - there's only a couple of inches in height between myself and H2B so I couldn't go near any of the lovely shoes I wanted - ordered these off Littlewoods just to see what they were like and I LOVE them. They're really comfortable, I'll wear them again, and they're a lovely ivory colour in reality. The heel is only 2.5 inches and they were a bargain (€45). Delighted! [img:3iclofys]http://i855.photobucket.com/albums/ab112/shannairl/shoes.jpg[/img:3iclofys] Link to buy:
Beffy Posts: 170
They look great, i'm tall so will need a low heel comfy option. One thing I noticed though, is there toe cleavage in them? I'm not a fan of it!
Chipstick Posts: 102
Hi Candlequeen, I was going to order these as I need a low heel and something comfortable but when I read the reviews on Littlewoods it said that they are more a champagne colour, did you notice this? My dress is Ivory so if they are ivory in reality they'd be perfect. Thanks :)
AwkwardAnnie Posts: 2191
These look fab. I need a 2.5inch heel too for my dress - and I've been thinking of these from Next but they look a little more champagne - has anyone seen these in reality? And €42....bargain!! But those look fab.... I got a littlewoods code a month ago for €20 off... but its out of date now :o( I might wait until I get it again and buy them then - €25 for wedding shoes would be an absolute steal wouldn't it?!!
candlequeen Posts: 991
Beffy, also hate toe cleavage! They don't have it. Not on me, anyway. Chipstick, my dress is ivory too. In some lights, they look ivory, and in others there's almost a faint gold tone to them - I've tried to take pictures of them in natural light but I can't bloody capture the colour properly at all - here's about the best of the bunch. [img:132cq51o]http://i855.photobucket.com/albums/ab112/shannairl/shoes-2.jpg[/img:132cq51o] AwkwardAnnie €25 would be amazing for Bridal shoes! I was determined not to spend over €50 on them - as much as I love shoes, I think I do kid myself - spend most of my time in boots or pumps.
candlequeen Posts: 991
Trying again, close-up - [img:3krfcyla]http://i855.photobucket.com/albums/ab112/shannairl/shoecloseup.jpg[/img:3krfcyla]
hadtoleave Posts: 2522
What in the name of god is “toe cleavage” ladies????????
AwkwardAnnie Posts: 2191
Just checked... my code was only for orders over €50 - So I'd have to buy something else... I am torn between the littlewoods and next shoes!! I rather the knot on the next shoes i think than the bow on the littlewoods shoes...
Chipstick Posts: 102
Thanks Candlequeen :) They're really really nice, so I'm going to get them :) Awkward Annie I have a Littlewoods code 259QA - it's for 25% off for orders over €50 if that helps.
me julie Posts: 368
there fabulous and a bargain!! Thanks candlequeen.