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Sinful Posts: 956
Hi has anyone used Ted Baker photographer??? My Uncle and his new ride had him at their wedding and they where delighted with him but just want to get other feedback and him?? I have this in feedback too but more people here Dose anyone know what he charges?? thanks Sinful xx
pesto24 Posts: 206
Are you sure you're not thinking of Pat Baker Photography? Unfortunately he was one I didn't get a chance to research. I researched quite a few others though. I visited 12: Aiden Weldon Emer Sherlock Hugh Durham Jim Sweeney Leo Doyle Mike Burke Pat McCoole Paul Sherwood Robert Mullan Sherry Photography Simon Archer Susan Leeson If you want info on any of them, pm me. As a pet project, I compiled a list of 50 photographers and made a spreadsheet with contact details, prices, etc., all in the quest to find a photographer for my own wedding. It was fun...but now I'm done. Might as well share it the info with as many people as I can! :wv
powerang Posts: 3
hi, could you send me on the compiled list of photographers as i am getting married next year and want a quality photographer who is worth their salt - you have obviously done your homework and for this i am grateful
WilmaFlintstone Posts: 1318
Could you PM me as well. I'm just starting to do all that, sounds like it would be a big help. Thanks :o)ll