teeny/non existant bump at 14 weeks........

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fantac Posts: 4109
anyone else really not look pregnant at all???? h2b and i notice that it pops out in the eves, but nobody else thinks i look any different at all. the odd high waisted pair of trousers don't fit, but all my hipster stuff still fits perfect.... should i be concerned??? or is it normal to be so little??
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
think it's normal for the first. Most girls say between 17-20 weeks they started to show I am 15 weeks and it's at night I notice the size of my belly. I look fat not like a bump :o0
swissgirl Posts: 2301
I think its normal airyfairy - in fact enjoy it as you'll be in maternity wear for long enough :wv Its a good question - when do bumps come up - when did people find themselves in maternity wear? sg
charli Posts: 5994
i looked fat up to a couple of weeks ago :o0 and im 20 weeks now! it's normal, especially if you dont have much weight on your tummy to begin with most of us assume the spare tyre is the start of a bump but if you started with no spare tyre if will take longer to notice! you are prefectly normal!!
Topolino Posts: 1659
I was the same AiryFairy. I was in my size 12 jeans until about 20 weeks. I couldn't get them past my ankles now! Don't worry - your bump will be here before you know it and believe me you'll notice it! Everyone says it comes on overnight. That's not exactly true but once it starts showing there's no stopping it!
fantac Posts: 4109
thanks girls - i was at a party last night and met a pregnant girl who was exactly as far along as me, but she was HUGE, she didnt believe me when i said i was pregnant so i got a bit paranoid! yeh i'm quite little anyway, so maybe it'll pop in about another month!!
Topolino Posts: 1659
My friends almost didn't believe me either! I used to carry around my scan pictures as evidence! They were all the same size at 3 months as I was at 5 and I'm expecting twins. Like you said, you're small to begin with aswell.
Moet for me Posts: 1841
I was 18 weeks before I was showing, I was still in my normal clothes until then nothing to worry about.
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
I was in my normal trousers until 19 weeks, now i am wearing small maternity trousers but all t shirts, etc still fit. I got a dress for a wedding on Friday and had to get it altered at the bust part and the dressmaker asked me to try it on. She couldnt believe i was pregnant at all let alone 20 weeks.The dress was a regular size 10 in Pamela Scott (but chifon and empire line so roomy) and fits me grand and im almost 23 weeks now. In the last 2 weeks i have gotten a bigger bump but you can still see my waist go in and from the back im still the same shape.
Lady Di Posts: 2487
Don't worry Airy on my first pregnancy I really didn't start to show till 20+ weeks. This time round I was showing more at 12 weeks. You can't compare yourself to other women at all, we're all so different and I think you definately get bigger with each pregnancy!