Hi fellow Wollies :) Just wanted to update you all- I got my teeth whitening recently and SO happy. Saw the offer a month ago on the Smiles Dental Facebook and I just grabbed it :hyper: So happy with the results, I went to the one on Grand Canal square, but there's tons so you can go anywhere! The dentist was so nice and over the past month my teeth are so much whiter!! It's something I've been planning to do for ages but never taken the leap and I'm just so happy I did- I even got a check-up with it too, so I feel even more ready for the big day! :o)ll I got mine for €275 but I saw on Facebook that they're even cheaper for Xmas- €240 I think so I wanted to alert all Wollies! For that - they give you a check-up and toothpaste too :) Check it out! Jen x P.s they're giving away a load of stuff on Facebook too and tons of beauty stuff at the moment so have a look- gotta win something!!! :hyper: