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April13 Posts: 635
HI all, Just wondering has any1 tried any home teeth whitening kits that work? I priced it with my dentist which is up north and they are £250 and i dont really wana pay this sorta money, i have a family wedding in 9 weeks and my own in 11 months so i would like a kit that would brighten my teeth for the family wedding in 9 weeks... I smoke so my teeth are nice and straight but discoloured and giving up smoking at the min is not an option!!!!!!!
msc7182 Posts: 172
Hey MrsDuffy, Im a smoker too! >:o) I used NiteWhite bleaching kit- got it off my dentist he makes the moulds and everything for your teeth. Anyways it did a great job on gradually whitening my teeth- ur supposed to do it for 10 days in a row and then a break. It was great while it worked but now i have stains just inbetween each of my teeth. Think Im gonna try laser whitening this time round. Anyone done the laser lately????
StarLilly Posts: 684
I've had the laser teeth whitening done. I dont know if every clinic is different but basically they do it in three rounds in your appointment. i could only do two rounds because it REALLY hurt, even up until a couple of hours later i would get shooting pains!! and apparently i was told this is normal!! My teeth were a couple of shades whiter, but not as much as i'd have liked, i dunno if the more stained your teeth are the better or worse the results? i'm not a smoker or red wine/coffee drinker. You cant eat or drink anything that isnt white for 24 hours after. Other people might have more success stories with it but i didnt think it made enough of a difference really