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Hawaiian Posts: 308
Hi all I have a telephone interview tomorrow with a big company in software packages. I am very nervous. Has anyone any tips or advise that they can offer.
Little Angel Posts: 913
I had one a few months ago and was really nervous as I had never had one before, however it was fine, I just made sure I sounded alert and upbeat on the phone and smiled as seemingly they comes across when you talk too. (I dont know where I Heard that). It didnt last as long as a normal first interview, however the same questions were asked. Just try not to talk too quickly and have a clear talking voice. Best of luck :wv
Elliecat Posts: 2725
Make sure you talk slowly and don't try to fill in all the spaces. Its much harder not to keep waffling on when you're not getting feedback in the form of facial expressions and body language, so say what you need to say and leave it at that. Talk slowly and clearly
Hawaiian Posts: 308
Thanks girls
ms crooner Posts: 621
I had one a few months ago, make sure you go into a room on your own, complete quietness and speak as clearly as possible. Best of luck with it, it should be over in 30 mins but if its cut shorter than that do not worry.
Callalily Posts: 325
1. Keep a glass and a jug of water (if necessary) beside the phone. 2. clear a space for yourself at a chair and desk. If you stand, you'll be more likely to pace around, and therefore sound breathless - shortness of breath also makes you sound more nervous and you want to come across as confident as possible. 3. Remember to speak slowly - write this LARGE on a notepad in front of you if you need to. You need to speak more slowly on the phone because the interviewer can't see your lips move/your facial expressions, which are big visual cues in any conversation. 4. As another poster said, don't feel you need to fill in any silences. The person on the other end is probably taking notes so make it easy for them - leave some pauses! If they want you to clarify something, they will ask. Don't explain, then hear the silence and feel you need to explain some more. It's only natural to want to fill silences but it's also a sign of nerves and if you're anything like me, your natural tendency is to babble when uncomfortable! Lastly, very best of luck!
ditzypixie Posts: 1397
I once got surprised with a telephone interview. Had just got out of the shower to hear the phone ring and consequently did the interview in nothing but a towel. Got the job though. Maybe semi-naked interviews are the key to success???!! :eek :o0 :eek
Callalily Posts: 325
Let us know how it goes!!!