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Downton Posts: 314
Hi girls, we are in need of a little help please, I'm in the early stages of labour with baby number three, we know we are having a boy but can't decide on a name, we have a girl called Ava, boy called euan, can anyone suggest a name for us? We are looking at James, Caden, odhran. Thanks!
hairdye Posts: 1129
Love the name James! Best of luck, hope everything goes quickly & smoothly for u!
craftyPB Posts: 2625
I love James too. We'll definitely have a James should we be lucky enough to have a little boy someday! Best of luck with your labour!
MrsDraper Posts: 146
Of those 3 names I would also pick James. Would you consider something like Senan? Good luck, hope the labour is swift :)
Nextinline Posts: 121
James is lovely. Callum also came to mind looking at the sibling names. You've probably had him by now! Congrats!
SpringBabyNo2 Posts: 33
What did you call him Downton? I have a nephew James :lvs I also love Senan!
grovegal13 Posts: 26
We have a little bradán I love the name