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Vic Titious Posts: 518
I :wink:
Mrs áthas Posts: 3488
Well we live in a tiny flat 1bed 1bath and little kitchen in Subiaco, an 'inner-city suburb' :roll: it is a horrific looking building but our flat is cute: wooden floors, a balcony and wooden blinds, and having moved 4times in the past two years, i am determined that we are staying there for a while!
bridette Posts: 362
you must be planning a big family xmasbride05 !! :wink: Mine's a one-bedroomed apartment too... but fairly big and lots of light so I quite like it
mrs d oct 04 Posts: 282
Mine is a 4 bed in the sticks totally love it...... very proud yesterday cause it was in the property section in one of the papers!!! V weird sitting on a bus then see your sitting room looking back at ya!! totally love our house will be there for a VERY long time, good few newly weds on the road, all from around the country, no snobs thank God!!!
Mrs Neadi* Posts: 1128
we live on a busy main road in a red-brick semi-d which is about 120 years old, 3 beds, sitting room, dining room and horrible 6*8 foot kitchen but it has a fab big hallway with original wooden bannisters and a split level landing which i just love! every room in the house except the bathroom has a fireplace and the one in the sitting room and our room is huge, the sitting room has original cast iron fireplace with green tiles inlaid and all original cornices etc. the house has a lot of character and we were recently granted pp to extend the back so we can convert the existing dining room into a big bright kitchen :D
Sparklymum Posts: 1563
Mines a semi detached cottage that has been extended over the 100 years its been built so now its a 6 Bedroom, 2 Sitting Room, 2 Bathroom, Kitchen Dormer on 3/4 acres and it looks like I'm possibl going to be there forever!
silverstar Posts: 223
We live on a main road, and my house is a wee two bedroom house about 40 years old. Has a small living room (just got a new fire place in which makes a bit of difference - black surround and cast iron insert!) two bedrooms are small - but just right for us, small kitchen, couldn't swing a cat in it - have a small table and 3 chairs and keep bangin me toes of the table. :twisted: Bathroom small too - surprise, suprise.. but it has everything we need in it, Actually, it's on 1/2 acre site and was all I could afford when I needed a roof over my head. I have planning permission in to build an extension - extra bedroom, kitchen/diner etc, etc, going to wait until after the wedding before we start building... Even though it is small, it's cozy...
AGuest Posts: 1262
A 4 bed semi-D in South Dublin suburbia! The estate we live in is nice - about 8 years old and in a great location (thanks to the Luas the value of the house has almost doubled since we bought it 3 years ago!). Downstairs there's a fairly big sitting room, a dining room, a loo, kitchen & utility. Upstairs there's 4 bedrooms (1 ensuite) and a bathroom. We have a small back garden (which is good as neither of us is green fingered!). We're hoping to buy a place in the country sometime over the next few years.
Miss X Posts: 1415
Our current house is a two yr old 3 bed semi, but our new house (blockwork has started on the second floor!!!) is a 4 bed detached on a little over an acre with 2 sitting rooms, a huge kitchen/dining/family room, a utility, a sunroom and most importantly a walk in wordrobe!!! It also has a double detached garage and a separate bar in the garden :hic Best of all its within falling distance of Dublin, but is on a lovely quiet country road, and the H2B can keep the boat two mins walk from the house. Have a feeling we'll be in this house for a long time to come.
Astra Posts: 1409
We're renting a 1-bed apartment at the moment. It's nice and bright but am dying to move into our new house. It won't be ready till March 06 but I'm getting really impatient and fed up paying rent. It's a brand new 3-bed, really bright and spacious and the master bedroom is fab - that's what sold it to us. We'll probably be in it for 4-5 years and then upgrade hopefully.