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Mum-2-be Posts: 108
Hi all, I'm nearly 8 weeks pregnant and so excited but myself and DH have only told my parents and DH's mother. We decided not to tell anyone until the 12 weeks but I was dying to tell a friend in work and let it slip today. Just wondering how many of you tell friends before the end of 1st trimester and does anyone think it is bad to tell? I'm a worrier and worry over everything!
Bubba Bump Posts: 348
We haven't told anyone, not even our parents yet. We're going to tell them in about three weeks. We booked an early scan and please God everything will be ok there, we'll then have a picture to show people aswell. *)
mrswed0505 Posts: 444
We both told our immediate family's and I told a couple of very close friends. The way I looked at it was god forbid if anything had gone wrong I would need their support as well.
Idina Posts: 1289
I told all my close friends. My opinion was that if God forbid anything went wrong i'd want them to know so they could help me through it
mumof2 Posts: 3864
I told people that is family and close friends and the worst happened - I m/c - I was still glad I told people so early (8 weeks) because I would have wanted their support anyway and what I got support wise was amazing. This time I told people at 8 weeks and don't regret it - work I didnt' tell till about 13/14 weeks
Italy07 Posts: 5409
I wouldn't say its bad luck, just that if you do tell people and something happens you have to go back and tell people. I guy I work with shouted from the ceiling at a few weeks and then she had a MC and had to tell everyone. Don't get me wrong I'm not wishing anything horrible on you, I just think it would be very upsetting having to tell everyone. Good luck with it, and I have 2 kids so I know what its like wanting to tell everyone.
short n sweet Posts: 1802
We have told immediate family and my best friend - as the others said if anything happens I would like them to be there for us. Also great not having to make excuses why I'm not drinking and they are great at covering for me too when we are out with others O-O
itwillbeme Posts: 838
Im at the moment TTC and when we get our BFP we will definitely tell close family - there was a very sad post here a couple of wks ago where a couple had waited the 12 wks to tell their parents, and on the way over that night, they got a call to say her dad was taken to hosp and she never got to tell him as he died.... you never know whats around the corner, and as my parents are elderly - i will definitley tell. I dont think its bad luck, as if something did go wrong, you would need the support of your nearest and dearest . xx
jen2007 Posts: 218
i think its everyone to there own :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll we haven't told anyone yet waiting for our scan on the 28 nov will be nearly 13 wks so cant wait it has been very hard keeping it to ourselves so please god all will be fine enjoy every moment O-O [url=][img:1wvb9rp6][/img:1wvb9rp6][/url:1wvb9rp6]
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
We told family and almost all our close friends before the 12 weeks. A doctor advised us, only tell the people that you would turn to and want to talk to if something, God forbid, went wrong. I thought this was good advise. So obviously work colleagues and the likes wouldn't fall into that category. As others have said, I wanted those closest to us to know.