Telling myself to cop on but.....

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Corks Posts: 355
I am now on cd3 but on the last 2ww I had every pg symptom possible (all imagined I'm sure). My current AF is quite a bit lighter than usual although it is the typical AF red colour and it is light flow rather than spotting. And also, today and yesterday, I am very nauseuos and feel like vomiting all the time (I had this nauseous feeling for the past week or so too). Over the past couple of days since AF started I have been telling myself to cop on that AF is normal and that I probably just have a tummy bug but there is something niggling away at me saying what if?.... I am 95% postive I am not pg but I am wondering whether to forget about my nauseousness (spelling?) and light AF (maybe its not light at all). To be honest doing a search online for implantation bleeds, AFs and stuill pregnant has not helped me at all! I dunno whether to test or not but I would feel stupid testing and it being a BFN....
Poppit Posts: 2042
Oh Corks, I think we all know how you feel... There's always that niggling "Maybe I am.... " I find TTC really difficult. We constantly watch symptoms etc. I dont know what to advise you. Maybe do a test to put it out of your mind, so you'll know one way or another. Best of Luck *)
Dreamster Posts: 6620
Do a test, at least that way you will know one way or the other and if BFN you can hop on the March train... Choo Choo
madmam Posts: 1294
No one is going to think you are stupid doing a test. Do one - you don't even have to tell anyone if it comes up BFN. :xxx
Angel2 Posts: 787
Hi Corks, Ah you poor pet. I hope you're ok. You should do a test and at least it'll put your mind at ease. Take care. :action32
Corks Posts: 355
BFN!!!!!!!!!! Silly me!! DH is away next week with work and so we're going for a Valentines meal tonigth and I am gonna have a LOT of crisp white vino, along with a vodka (or two) to top it off............haven't drank in a few weeks due to ttc and 2ww! and can't wait!!! DH says I deserve to get a little biteen sloshed!!!
Sassy Posts: 2269
Corks that sound great. You deserve to let your hair down. Enjoy!!!!
Me Julia Posts: 1352
hope you have a great night and plenty of vino!!!!!!! I am feeling the same myself
Angel2 Posts: 787
Corks, I'm so sorry to hear that you got a BFN. :action32 I hope you have an absolute ball tonight. You should just get absolutely sloshed and enjoy every minute of it!!! :hic O-O :hic Enjoy hon.
Fatcow Posts: 47
then cop on