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moonstar Posts: 35
Hi Girls, I'm 8 and a half weeks pregnant and we have been very cautious and apprehensive until we get a bit further having had a miscarriage at 5 weeks in July. Though, with every week that passes we are starting to get more excited as have had no spotting or any problems. We have told my parents last week and told my DH's husband and wife couple of weeks ago as they too are TTC and I have spoken a lot to my sil about TTC. We were planning on telling my DH's parents this weekend and now my sil told us the other day they too are expecting and are 5 weeks. delighted for them as they've had some problems TTC. They were asking when we're telling DH's folks and saying they will come too and make a double announement. Now, maybe I'm just odd, but I wasn't jumping at the idea. I just think it's a very personal thing to tell your parents and think we should leave at least a couple of days between it but they are insistent they tell same time as us. What do you think? Maybe it's a good idea but I think it would be stange. These will be the first grandchildren so they'll be so excited. Maybe they think the 'second annnouncement' will not be as exciting as the first but personally i think all pregnancy news is so exciting. We have no problems in waiting till later, perhaps in the New Year if they want to go ahead and tell them before Christmas. Don't know, so confusing as how to break the news!!! Tell me I'm being silly!! :eek
motherhubbard Posts: 3037
I can't tell you your being silly!! Everybody imagines how telling their own news will be and so if you didn't imagine it being with another couple sharing the news then you should say that, I'm sure your SIL will understand. Just explain that ye'll wait and say it later.. even if its on New Years but just so that the news can be separate. But I don't think your being silly at all and you should always tell your news the way you imagined it.. But like you said, pregnancy news is always good so telling it alone or with your SIL it will still be as exciting! Congrats to you and DH and SIL aswell! I hope you can make up your mind on how you pictured it would be.
sinion Posts: 6050
firstly, I assume you mean 'DH's brother and wife'? Had me very confused for a second :o0 secondly, I'd prefer to do it separately too, and seeing as you're further on it really should be you guys first.
moonstar Posts: 35
thanks for the replies Toni2706 and Sinion. :thnk Sorry for the confusion O:| yes, meant to say all along, it is DH's bro and his wife rather than sil....was trying to cut corners!!! :o0 Have just always imagined telling DH's parents on our own. Think we will just stick to what we had planned.....wish we had told them a couple of weeks ago now!!!!
arib Posts: 499
I definitely think you should tell them when you want to, in private. Your SiL seems so keen on a double announcement I would worry about her going ahead and spilling the beans without you getting a chance to do it your way!
mumof2 Posts: 3864
We had the same situation but tbh I don't know when BIL and wife told his parents. I know that we told them at 9 weeks and asked them to keep it to themselves which they did. It could have been a week after or a month after when BIL told them their news as they also kept it to themselves till they were 15 weeks. Both of us were pregnant within a week of each other before and both of us had a m/c in May so in the scheme of things it wasn't really important to us who told who first, we just did what was right for us. However, if it is important for you you could be a little bit sneaky and tell his parents and the next day ring your SIL and said we told them last night as it kinda slipped out - it is up to them then when to tell their news
decmum Posts: 239
Your SIL is not as far as you and it might be a little early for her...but i had the same situation and we ended up telling DH parents at the same time. The craic was in the double reaction and the champers was brought out. It was honestly such a laugh. Now she's had her baby, a boy, and i'm bloody well overdue O:| >:o) Do what's right for you but the main thing is telling your folks and family in peace and sure if you all break it to the inlaws at the same time does it matter. Remember the SIL will be around a long time so :hic :o0 :o0 Good luck