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katiecaboom Posts: 831
Ok very newly pg (4weeks today) and I really want to tell my parents, but DH doesn't-not until the 12 weeks are up. I cannot hide something like this from them-wouldn't be able to physically talk to them if I have to hide something from them. I really want to tell them soon also as we have a wedding coming up and my parents are divils for feeding drink into people, and as we are booked into hotel I can't use the 'I'm driving' excuse. AAAgggggghhhhhhh how do I convince him?????
i want one Posts: 2893
could u reach a compromise? maybe eenjoy your secret for a few weeks together and then tel people? i wont be telling anyone bout this till 14 weeks as long as its not too obvious but thats just me.
katiecaboom Posts: 831
Thats what I'm trying to do!!! Wont be telling everyone else until 'its safe' but my parents will be soooooo excited (first baby my side). will wait till he's outta bed and work on him again :-8
i want one Posts: 2893
i didnt tell anyone on DD till after my scan at 14 weeks. not even my parents. i knew they wouldnt be able to keep it to themselves so didnt think it was fair to expect them to! everyone is different. give ur fella a chance to digest it for now anyway. and sure u always have us to be telling :o0
Daff Posts: 11644
Told my Dad at 7 weeks last time and his parents at 10 weeks once we'd had an early scan to see heartbeat. Once you see a heartbeat the chances of MC drastically reduce. Second time round we told my Dad at 4 weeks cause DH was working away adn I'd DD to mind and was very sick. I had MC at 5 weeks. TBH my Dad took it very hard and I felt bad about that, also he didn't really know how to handle it and DH was still away. We were lucky and got BFP again very quickly and told my Dad and brothers on xmas day at 8 weeks after early scan to see heartbeat and told DH's parents at nearly 10 weeks just after new years.
ciaraella Posts: 5323
We told my both our sets of parents at 5 weeks, we see them quite regularly for dinner or drinks so it would have been hard to hide not drinking. I also find it hard to talk to people when i'm trying to keep something secret and i would have been avoiding ringing my mam and seeing my parents so i was worried they'd think something was wrong so we ended up telling them all at 5 weeks. The way i saw it they would have been told if i'd had a MC so i didn't see any reason not to tell them. We held off a bit longer with our siblings but i do think it's ok to tell parents earlier than anyone else.
BabasFor2012 Posts: 1594
My parents and a couple of others were told straight away, but they were people that had helped us with minding pets for us and stuff while we went off to Budapest for IVF, so it would have been hard to not tell them one way or another the result :o0 However I am very close to my mother and I know I would have told her straight away if we had got pregnant naturally, she would be a vital part of my support network if anything goes wrong so there would be no reason not to tell her. If you are close to your parents then maybe you could use this in your argument for telling them, he hardly expects you to pretend nothing happened if the worst were to occur, so why not just tell them? Hope you manage to reach a compromise.
SandyClaws Posts: 3108
I text my mam straight after telling hubby when I found out (it was 4am I needed to tell someone else!!) didn't tell her I was preg so when she rang at 5.30 I told her. She told my sister and I told daddy that day. Hubby didn't tell his parents for about 3 weeks, the whole parish found out when I was 8-9 weeks (that's what happens here) hubby went on a stag when I was 9 weeks and I asked when he got home did he tell anyone and he said they all told him! Everyone knew. Thank god everything is going ok anyway But even if I had a mc everyone would know about that too (his mam has a big mouth)
Febmummy Posts: 429
Told my folks and DH folks as we would frequently be in there houses having dinner and the vino is always produced.... After I got everything confirmed with the GP I could not help myself and I told my sister. I am very close to her and I know she won't breath a word, even to her DH until we say its ok. DH doesn't know as then he would want to tell his sister etc etc etc.... Just hoping all is ok and looking forward to when I can say it to anyone and everyone! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
CherylC Posts: 1071
I think its completely up to you alright. I had two chemical pregnancies where AF arrived late at 4.5/ 5 weeks and I have to say I was very glad I hadn't told anyone. I couldn't have faced them all knowing and then watching to see if/ when I'd get pregnant again. I guess if you've been through something like that then you are a bit more cautious - I had a scan this week at 7 weeks and saw a heartbeat but am still afraid to tell my parents in case something happens, so think I'll wait. But everyone deals with these things differently, so its a very personal decision.