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littlenugget Posts: 1
I have been over on the wedding side for over ayear and deleted myold profile as no longer needed it but then I thought as I got so much good advice last time with wedding related stuff hopefully it will be the same here! Its my first time over in this P&B!!!! Have been wanting to start planning a baby since we got married over 7 months ago but as I was unemployed(not by my choice!) it didn't seem like the "right time" but thankfully I got a really great job in September and now I think i may be pregnant! One part of me is sh1t scared and the other is excited! I don't know where I stand in terms of will I be allowed paid maternity leave since I am only new and the fact that I was unemployed for so long before hand which would mean I may not have enough PRSI contributions etc.... Also Is there anyone to talk to regarding this or anyone in the same position? I am a firm believer in if its meant to happen it will.
Weird Cat Lady Posts: 3501
Contact your local Citizens Information Centre for confidential advice. G'luck.