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trixiebell Posts: 75
Hi girls, I feel very silly posting this question but I will anyway. Can I ask if anyone knows what the story is with the temperature method of checking when you ovulate? I've been doing that and it shot up the other day, but now it's jumped back down again..... Is it supposed to stay high after you've ovulated? I was sure I had!! Any advice is appreciated! Thanks in advance.
alimae Posts: 134
Trixibell The only advice I can give you is to go to www.fertilityfriend.com and use their free chart and it actually maps out when your ovulating with the temp you input every morning ...Its forecasts fertilie time , your period etc ...I'm using it along with PERSONA (get it in boots) and its accurate every month to fertilityfriend ....The web site is brilliant it explains alot ....
Mrs Peg Posts: 1778
Hi Trixiebell, I'm doing the same thing myself so I can sympathise! Basically, your temperature rises when you ovulate and stays high until you get your period, when it drops back down. If you are pregnant, your temperature basically stays high - they say you are pregnant when you've noted 18 consecutive high temperatures after you've ovulated. I hope this helps - I'm by no means an expert, so i'd recommend you reading up on it a bit more. A fellow wol'er recommended: [url:k0fonxwl]http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/0091887585/qid%3D1113496040/sr%3D8-1/ref%3Dsr%5F8%5Fxs%5Fap%5Fi1%5Fxgl/202-3647765-5035045[/url:k0fonxwl] and I've found it excellent. Good luck :)
trixiebell Posts: 75
Thanks guys, I've started my chart so we'll see what it comes back with over the full cycle.
alimae Posts: 134
Trixiebell , Just to let you know with the help of persona and Fertilyfriend.com I am pregnant on our first attempt YIP EEEEEEEEEE.. we are in total shock it worked first time :D :D ... I did 3 tests yesterday and another 3 today just to be sure :D :D .all Positive Just monitor they way u feel and you will have sucess.... Ali
Mrs. Ally Posts: 298
Congrats aliwallie76 That wonderful news, hope everything goes well for you Mrs. Ally
trixiebell Posts: 75
Congrats aliwallie76 , that's great news :D !! Hope I'm as lucky. As you may see from my post above, not very patient waiting to test, but, the site is great - fertilityfriend.com. Haven't tried Persona yet - my H2B is worrying that I will be worrying too much about getting pregnant so I'll hold off on that for at least another week if I'm not pregnant by thursday :wink: I've 19 days of temperature recorded so it is very early days I guess. Hope all goes well for you and enjoy pregnancy............
MrsSan Posts: 475
Congratulations Aliwallie76 :D Best of luck with your pregnancy.
Mrs Julie - May 05 Posts: 23
Hi guys.. I wonder if any one can help me on this,I have been charting my temperature for the past month, and haven't really noticed any pattern, it jumped up for a day( Think that was the alcohol, cause i had a little bit of a hangover!) But then it went back down.. Im finding this waiting game very hard!! Is anyone else very impatient?? We have only been trying two months, so i dont know what Ill be like if nothing happens in the next couple of months!!!!! By the way congrats aliwallie76
alimae Posts: 134
Mrs Julie May 05 , The only advice I can give you is not to stress , try your best not too stress to much...as I said to Trixiebell I used Persona (which can be bought in boots) and I also registered myself with fertilityfriend.com, its an excellent website ...www.fertilityfriend.com...between the 2 I managed to get pregnant on our 1st attempt and fingers crossed all will go well :D Best of Luck ...